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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by pal05052003 4 / 10 / 10

Good camerawork but bad story

The plot is simple, a group of students conduct an experiment in a haunted house but things go awry and people start dying. In fact, I was ready to give the benefit of the doubt to this movie knowing the premise would not be original, however this movie lacks any real scare. The camera shots and camera angles were the best thing in the movie because it makes you want to strain your neck to see if there is anything hidden in the corner. Apart from that, there is nothing good that should be expected from a Korean horror. No emotional investment in the characters, no shock or scares. The acting was just decent enough but the main problem with this movie is that it does not really know what kind of movie it wants to make: an exorcism gone wrong? mystery thriller? or drama? This really ruins the movie and leaves you feeling cheated after leaving the theater.

Reviewed by paul_haakonsen 8 / 10 / 10

Not exactly the best of horror that South Korea has to offer...

I didn't know that "0.0 MHz" was based on a comic book, but after having seen the movie, I can't really claim to have been enticed much into having any interest in getting acquainted with the comic. When I sat down to watch this 2019 South Korean horror movie, it was solely because it was exactly that, a new South Korean horror movie. And it is no secret that South Korea does make some interesting horror movies for the most of the time. "0.0 MHz", however, was a mediocre foray into the horror genre. What started out as actually being something with promise and potential, quickly turned into a stale and mundane movie, with very little of any overly interest happening. For a seasoned horror veteran as myself "0.0 MHz" was a walk in the park. Nothing scary here, aside from the questionable CGI that they opted to use for the long-haired ghost. Wow, that was just abysmal to look at. The movie was nicely carried mostly by Eun-ji Jung. But I will say that the acting performances were actually good for all the participants, but it was Eun-ji Jung that stood out the most with her performance. For a South Korean horror movie, then "0.0 MHz" wasn't particularly outstanding, and it is one that will quickly fade into oblivion, most likely never to be watched a second time. My rating for this movie from writer and director Yoo Sun-Dong is a four out of ten star rating. While it is watchable, and does have some interesting enough moments, the movie just failed to make itself outstanding amidst so many other South Korean horror movies.

Reviewed by jagschuy 8 / 10 / 10

Read the original comic then watch the movie

After reading the original comic first i can tell it has some differences but after all it´s and adaptation and a well made one it keeps the dread and mistery atmosphere overall a good horror movie but i recomend reading the comic too just to get spoked

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