20 Cigarettes


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by besherat 7 / 10 / 10

A good movie

Really great movie. It's placed in Iraque, during the peace mission in 2003 year. Film director and his asisstance went on Iraque to make some film. Camera is a good show details after the bomb attack of the peace camp . I forgot to mention the excellent soundtrack in this movie.

Reviewed by runamokprods 7 / 10 / 10

A remarkable first film

A remarkable first film, made by Amadei from his own real life experience of going to Iraq in 2003 to be an assistant director on a film, and almost winding up dead. The war sequences are terrific and powerful in execution; harrowing, cinematic, real and yet stylized, largely seen from a subjective camera. The film is quite moving in the end, and Amadei is willing to let himself (played very well by Vincio Marchioni) come off as a flawed, real human being. Re-examining one's self and one's traumatic experience with a sense of clarity, but without losing emotion would be a challenge for any artist, but as a first feature it is very special. I also liked that the film wasn't afraid to be a very disturbing film about the realities of war, but still have a comedic edge at time. Life is both tragic and funny, but rare is the film that can walk both sides of that street. Once in a while the style gets a bit overdone, to the point of breaking a sense of reality, but that's a small fly in a very rich ointment. I hope Amadei's immense talent can translate to telling stories other than his own.

Reviewed by lasttimeisaw 7 / 10 / 10

200 Cigarettes

It's a autobiographical film about the experience of the director himself, as a debut feature, I'm glad to watch it while the director was visiting Shanghai and had a screen at Tongji University. The film won CONTROCAMPO ITALIANO prize in the Venice festival this year. The film combines comedic element with all the tragic incident during the war of Iraq. The close-ups of smoking cigarette is hovering round the film and renders proficiently sober impact on the audience, meanwhile, highlights the motif, a farce full of ridicule, sarcasm which a war could bring forth. The DV-styled photography carries deep turbulence on viewer's organs of senses, mainly optically though, it bizarrely diffuses persuasively into a self-tortured experience after the bloody bomb and shooting scene, then our protagonist's gory appearance could be daringly disturbing; on the other hand, one can sense the ambition of the director to face the true grit and mockery and the same time. The acting in the film is compelling with a humorous undertone, Vinicio Marchioni gives the protagonist a libertine quality and easily could appeal to the audience. So, 20 Cigarettes is a comparatively mature debut for novice director Aureliano Amadei, who has a potential to swing swiftly between drama and comedy, I'm eager to wait to see his next move and hope his skills will be honed to a higher level.

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