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Reviewed by mrtraska-91422 1 / 10 / 10

More of Dinesh's pro-Colonialist diatribes

The main charge here, though slickly presented, is that Obama is an anti-Colonialist. Given that so were America's founding fathers, this is a rather remarkable complaint, one that D'Souza seeks to portray as a vice rather than virtue ... but the film never bothers to point out that its creator is an apologist for Colonialism (he actually thinks it's a good thing), a political shill for the conservative end of the GOP, and an active, long-time opponent of the Democratic Party. This was meant to be a scare tactic using marketing 'spin' masked as 'analysis' to defeat Obama's re-election -- clearly, it failed miserably at that -- and its dire arguments were undermined by they events actually unfolded during Obama's second term. This is at best a highly partisan critique and at worst political propaganda ... but it certainly isn't an objective documentary. To call this a documentary is to insult real documentarians such as Ken Burns and a whole range of honest indie filmmakers.

Reviewed by lezctheocean 2 / 10 / 10

Too Much Leading, and Obviously Politically Gaslighted

Sooo I guess what this guy is saying is that all children who grow up without a parent is perplexed as he makes Obama appear! It's proven that fathers make a bigger impression on little girls than their mothers, vice versa mothers make the biggest impression on sons. So that refutes this whole documentary right there. I don't consider documentary a point-of-view or a side, but I appreciate the thirsty reaching this guy did in drilling through his life. The documentary has a political bent to it and I don't particularly care too much about either republican or democrats tactics in 2016 because I trust neither one. I wonder how this documentary would sound if made today. That's not a question, just an observation. I don't too much listen to crap said about Hillary nor Donald nor anyone else because it's all riled up in lies, controversy and greed to get at one position in this country. Truly there's been no President who's done everything even nearly right which is why our politics is the way it is today, so to tear down any one is to dear down them all! Who is the worst, in my opinion the sitting President we have now. Who is the best will always and forever be open for speculation!

Reviewed by dotard-cheater 2 / 10 / 10

Straightforward Lies

D'Souza here plays the fact game as convenient he sees it. And profits from it. Selective facts you can make any movie and cash in. Don't be fool by this typical media tricks (unless you watch Fox News and are triggered)

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