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Reviewed by DICK STEEL 7 / 10 / 10

A Nutshell Review: 20th Century Boys 3

The best way to really enjoy this installment of 20th Century Boys, is to quickly break out the DVDs of the previous two films, watch them to jog your memory, before turning up for this one. Given the myriad of characters and the lag between the local releases, a revisit is somewhat necessary since there's very little recap, and the juxtaposition of timelines through flashbacks also provide that additional narrative challenge, not to mention that memories, being memories, tend to be faulty as well, for both you, as well as the characters in the storyline. For fans of the franchise, the wait is finally over. Loose ends get tied up and the greatest mystery of all, the identity of Friend, gets revealed, albeit in a more definitive ending, different from the manga series, that gets played out after the end credits roll, so do not head for the doors anytime soon, otherwise you'll miss what's probably the best part of the entire film. I Was entertained by the first film given the interesting premise, and T-Rex's 20th Century Boys track, but it left us all with an unsatisfying cliffhanger. The second film was somewhat weaker since most middle films in a trilogy are, as the timeline gets fast-forwarded way into the future, with the focus on Kanna, the girl who possesses some ESP abilities which got totally forgotten in this installment. A lot more characters get introduced, and a lot more subplots revealed, some of which didn't actually gel with the main narrative thread, which unfortunately bloated the film into a hydra of ideas that were still left hanging by the time the film ended. So for the patient amongst us, don't write off the franchise just yet, as whatever can of worms Part II opened, Part III sought to address them all. Although it meant shuffling quickly from character to character, and even having Kanna being relegated back to a supporting role, the film picked up speed with the re-introduction of Kenji (surely you can't be expecting him to disappear after Part I, can you?), and plenty of the good ol' familiar faces, though aged now, from Part I. Production wise, the filmmakers do not scrimp on sets and props, with the largest being an invading robot shaped like a ball with two limbs on either side to crushingly stomp all over Japan, never looking out of place should it decide to jump straight into an Ultraman film. The seamless mix of CG and life-action in this film would triumph over that of many movies, as One of the more successful manga adaptations to have come out from Japan, 20th Century Boys is a very different science fiction show put together which tells of consequences from what would seemingly be insignificant seeds sowed, and the action-reaction that we sometimes would experience that would come later in life. Clearly the franchise exhibited that the strength lies in the summation of all the films over each individual installments, which you would find more enjoyable if you approach the last film after quickly recapping the significant events from the first two. Definitely recommended for the fans of the franchise since you're likely to be seeking a satisfying closure.

Reviewed by helmutty 8 / 10 / 10

20th Century Boys 3 is a good conclusion

Before the movie starts, there is a flashback of what has happened so far until the third movie. As this is the last concluding movie, it is expected to be in fast-paced with lots of twists coming. Yes, it is fast-paced for a runtime of 2 and an half hours with some twists and in the same time, the director manages to pack some dramatic scenes. That is fair since it cannot get all the thrill but no point to it. The story: It starts off at 2017, two years after the second movie. Friend is still carrying his plan of destroying the world and the heroes are to stop him. The pace moves briskly with some but not all the answer you want to know. Reasonably, I felt the pace goes fast due to the fact I can't wait to see who friend is. With some more clues of who friend is, I decided to wait for the final reveal, not to rack my brain about who he should be. The clock is ticking until the final reveal and all will be revealed. This actually has not much of a mystery not like the previous movies, this goes straight to the point-there is little teasing. Other than that, it is a good movie. The special effects are realistic for a Japanese movie. What more do you want? Overall: 20th Century Boys is one of the best trilogy and also one of the best Japanese movie I have seen. It has a big budget and it made use of it. It is actually one of the few trilogy in Japan, Japan is not a fan of trilogy. I hope more big budget Japanese trilogies will come out but they should be good. If 20th Century Boys can make a good trilogy, why the rest can't?

Reviewed by dbborroughs 8 / 10 / 10

RAmbling thoughts on a wonderful mess of a movie

A great deal to process now that I've seen the final film of the 20th Century Boys Trilogy Its a LONG movie taking everyone of its 160 or so minutes to tell the tale.The end credit roll and thee story still goes. They end and the story still continues. You can pick up the film with a break between parts 2 and 3 as I did. Its not as bad as the break between one and two. Yes you will have to have seen the first two films. Some of it goes on too long some of it not long enough. I liked it on its own terms (with the allowance of needing the first two parts) How is it? Very Good. Frankly I long ago accepted that the film is a wild abbreviation of the manga and that as a result the film will jump around. I liked the film though I don't know if I like the final bit post credits. Though I can't explain why without not telling you what it is. How is it as one story of three parts? Its an unwieldy giant monster of a movie. Running over seven hours it's both too long and too short. Its a deeply involving tale with a huge cast, both now and then, and enough plot to choke a horse. I think the film will quietly become a corner stone of sorts in some circles with a huge cult following. Its not always successful but it is trying to do so much more than almost ten other science fiction films. I think for me the film completely clicked when one of the characters very late in the game turns and asks if if could be a hero now.(perhaps it was whether what transpired had made him a hero). It was at that moment I suddenly understood what it was all about. I like the film a great deal- though it suddenly occurs to me that one of the revelations makes no sense in retrospect- but by that time it won't matter. A must see with the understanding its a wonderful mess.

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