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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by claudio_carvalho 7 / 10 / 10

Three Funny and Scary Thai Supernatural Stories

3 A.M. is a Thai horror film divided in three supernatural stories that happen at 3 A.M.: 1) "A Peruca" ("The Wig"): The sisters May (Focus Jirakul) and Mint (Apinya Sakuljaroensuk ) own and work in a wig shop. May is a hard worker while Mint is a selfish teenager. One day, Mint buys hair from woman without knowing that it was stolen from a corpse in the cemetery and makes a wig. Mint brings her boyfriend Lin (Thanawat Prasitsomporn) that makes joke with the wig with her friends Joon (Nayapak Bhumipak) and Pond (Vivid Bavornkiratikajorn). But the spirit is angry and will seek revenge against the teenagers. This ghost story is predictable but has a surprising conclusion. 2) "A Noiva Cadáver" ("The Bride's Corpse"): The funeral home employee Tos (Toni Rakkaen) and a nurse (Vasana Chalakorn) are hired to prepare the funeral of the just married Cherry (Karnklao Duaysianklao) and Mike (Peter Knight). Tos finds a videotape and he believes Cherry was abused by Mike. He falls in love with the bride and challenges Mike but soon he finds the truth about the couple, with tragic consequences. This ghost story is weird since it is related to Thai funeral ritual. Again the story happens at 3 A.M. and the scary conclusion surprises. 3) "Hora Extra" ("Overtime"): Karan (Shahkrit Yamnarm) and Tee (Ray MacDonald) own a company and they love to play scary prank on the employees that are working in overtime. Their favorite victims are Bump (Prachakorn Piyasakulkaew) and Nging (Kanyarin Nithinoparath). One night, they play several pranks with tragic consequences. This ghost story is very original and the best segment. It is hard to know what is prank and what is real, and the conclusion is excellent. My vote is seven. Title (Brazil): "3 A.M."

Reviewed by alesaenz-958-976487 4 / 10 / 10

Cool Horror Anthology

If you like Thailand Horror Films. You will like this one too. Even more, if you are familiarized with movies like "4bia" and "4bia 2", since this one keeps a similar format. It has 3 short stories: "The Wig", "The Corpse's Bride" and "O.T." (Over Time). And similar like in the 4bia saga, they make the first stories really scary, and the last one has some comedy elements on it, but it doesn't make it weaker, since they really know how to mix horror with comedy in a very intelligent way. I am truly glad of having watched the film since it was a fresh new option in the Thai Horror Genre. I like a lot of Thai Horror movies and easily I would be able to recommend like more than 10 films and this "3 a.m. 3D" will certainly to be between those options now. Give it a chance and you'll see that you won 't be disappointed.

Reviewed by jfrentzen-942-204211 4 / 10 / 10

Fair-to-middling Anthology Suffers From Familiarity

This is a somewhat mild Thai omnibus horror movie, in which its title signifies the moment in time when something horrific will happen in each of three tales. Two sisters running a wig shop while their parents are away are always arguing, especially when one sister throws a party in the shop after hours. However, one of them earlier acquired the hair of an undead woman and the "haunted wig" comes to life during the party. The second tale is a morbid piece in which a caretaker is hired to watch over two coffins kept side-by-side in a home, containing a couple killed in an accident just prior to their wedding. Rather unbelievably, the caretaker falls in love with the dead fiancé but soon discovers the awful truth of how the couple died. The third and best tale benefits from a humorous tone, in which co-workers working late at the office play increasingly outrageous pranks on one another. But the pranks soon get completely out of control. 3AM suffers from story elements that have been done more effectively in other movies -- the zombie-like vanishing ghost girls, mysterious hands clutching at characters, and other Asian horror motifs are not given new life here but instead get dragged in for predictable but occasionally well-done thrills. 3AM is not very scary but is nicely made and is more successful when it tries for comic effects. Working against the mood is the acting, which is often too broad or amateurish, and the computer-generated gore and other special effects that are mostly unsuccessful.

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