3 Nights in the Desert



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Amber Tamblyn as Tibby
Wes Bentley as Mickey Gravatski
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by danielswalling 1 / 10 / 10

Spoiler alert - this movie sux

Everything is off with this movie. Its meant to be about old band members. None of the three actors / characters look like they would ever have played in a band. There is a cave with nothing in it. A dude that looks like a serial killer, a girl that cant sing and a dude that likes to whack off and go running (not specifically in that order).Oh, and a couple of analogies about going for the shiny marble, and trying to masturbate over a golden cube. Sound good?

Reviewed by Antonella 1 / 10 / 10

Maybe one day we will find that bridge.

An intense movie about the paths we choose in life. I can say that I've watched this movie with no expectations at all, but I ended loving it. I like the way the story works, three actors, three nights and nothing more, and it feels suffocating in times because all of the tension between them. I really like the script and the acting was well, and I really enjoyed the music. I think the key to watch this movie is no expecting anything about it, maybe its surprised you and maybe you like it at the end.

Reviewed by zubinster 1 / 10 / 10

Horrible Movie!

Absoluetly awful! i don't know who they paid to get a 7.0 rating on IMDb. Three lousy actors, sleepwalking through an awful movie. Terribly written, badly directed, badly acted. I can go on and on... All you have to do is to to YouTube and look this movie's trailer. Those were the most painful 2 minutes of my life. Tag line:"THE BIG CHILL meets THE GRADUATE." Really? You should be so lucky as to do a "THE BIG CHILL meets THE GRADUATE." Nothing like the Big Chill and nothing like The Graduate. Using that tag line is an insult to the creators of those masterpieces. Just by attempting to link yourself to the likes of Larry Kasdan and Mike Nichols does not make you a "filmmaker." Viewers: Don't waste your time. Don't be impressed by the fake credentials. Don't believe the hype. Go watch cat videos on YouTube instead.

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