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Jorja Fox as Lazarro's Young Lady
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by victronix01-180-707110 5 / 10 / 10

Missed opportunity

It had a lot of potential but was wasted on stupid plot decisions. The premise was great, the actors were great, the potential was there, and they basically blew it. They tried to recoup it by making it mainly about the man and the woman getting back together after all that time, that really it is about relationships, but it was ultimately a big let down. On the most simplistic level, we did not even get to see them hug or cry together or anything, just the looks of shock, apparently to be artsy. Come on! Instead of making the situation with the additional 3 crew into the usual story of the battle to decide who will die - so predictable - they could have made the rest of the film about the journey to Europa and getting there and finding out that other crew had survived from other places, etc. I think there was a major flaw in the plot and that it must have been changed midway through, since the story starts with the idea of the creation of a habitable world on Europa and then retracts to just Pangea Station and no one ever even sees Europa. It sounds like they felt they couldn't manage the story of going to Europa, somehow, and cut it off - I suppose its cheaper set wise to never leave the station. But they sacrificed the film ultimately then, for the small amount of creativity to have had the characters move past just the two people and their own relationship, which was never fathomable anyway. Finally, I have more faith in humanity that if faced with an inevitable end of the human race, not everyone will melt down into a monster except for 2 people. The stupid predictable ploy of the haunted house space station where everyone has to kill everyone else really tanks films at this point. We've seen that so many times and it's so 2nd grade to just retreat to that. I'd rather they never had the other 3 appear if they have to turn it into that.

Reviewed by prcook-01758 3 / 10 / 10

Not too shabby

Different than your usual space thrill fest. It's simple a 'lost at see/last man standing' kind of plot but it moves along well. The acting is above average and the camera, lighting & sound are all solid. This isn't a multi-million dollar Hollywood blockbuster but it is an enjoyable piece of independent cinema with a sci-fi flavour.

Reviewed by tezzahols 3 / 10 / 10

could have been a good movie

Just finished watching the movie, only reason i watched to the end was to see how it ended, i could have turned it of after 30 minutes. 4 astronauts on a refuelling ship get stranded after earth explodes, sounds like it could be a good story, wrong, the crew are more like a bunch of office workers than trained astronauts, going to pieces easily, smoking on a space station???, must be sponsored by the tobacco industry, the movie jumps scenes and leaves you feeling like you don't care what happens to them. the special effects are good, camera work and props are good, but the movie falls flat because of the script but not as weird as Ad Astra at least

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