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Reviewed by venusboys3 5 / 10 / 10

These Clowns Are All Talk And Not Enough Bite

I had no anticipation or information about this movie going in... except for it being a Rob Zombie movie and my enjoyment of all his other movies so far. None of them are perfect but none of them are boring, all of them bring something interesting to the table. Not so much with 31 though... One thing I've generally liked with Zombie's movies is that, unlike a lot of horror films such as Hostel - which promise all sorts of transgressive horrors only to bait and switch with some relatively tame eyeball gouging, Zombie's movies generally follow through on their threats. I never feel safe in his movies (except I'm pretty sure Mrs. Zombie's characters will survive to the final frame). Unfortunately, 31 let all the air out of that balloon dog for me. It didn't ever come close to crossing any lines of standardized horror. Oh sure, Its clown's show up and promise all sorts of vile entertainments... but they never materialize. Instead, we get some badly filmed fight scenes and routine kills that could be out of any war/crime/fantasy film. There's little or no suspense, barely any atmosphere outside of the clowns' initial entrances and Malcolm McDowall's nonsensical prattling. The movie takes its time building up 'Doomhead' but what is he but another loudmouthed guy in a clown suit? I assume he'd go down just as easily to a well-aimed blow to the head. There's really nothing special about him except for the amount of time he gets on screen. He even does the loathsome 'golf clap' routine that should be forever banished to Cliché-land. When the clowns do get their hands on someone they're not likely do do anything surprising at all... just stab them and move on. Unless something nastier was edited out of the version I saw... which I kinda doubt. The carnies themselves had the potential for being the sort of interesting protagonists I'd pull for... and I DID like that they weren't just a bunch of squealing teenagers (Meg Foster especially was fascinating to look at. Older women like her are so seldom allowed on screen in heroic roles). But they're mostly reduced to just goofing around and swearing at each other... maybe it was just bad improv because the writer couldn't think of what to do with them? This is BY FAR the least interesting thing I've seen come from Mr. Zombie. I'm still a fan of his previous films, I'll still watch whatever he makes next... but this one is the bottom dweller. Not that it's such a bad generic horror movie, as just that alone it's fairly average... but it's certainly a bad Rob Zombie horror movie. And being that, it's pretty disappointing.

Reviewed by Fella_shibby 6 / 10 / 10

Zero tension, zero suspense, non scary, boring, quick-cut, shaky cam stuff.

Saw this on a pirated DVD for 50 rupees. Rob Zombie's The House of 1,000 corpses was good and The Devil's Reject's was better. I was disappointed by the Halloween remakes. Yet to see Lords of Salem. I was hoping that 31 might be his best. I was totally wrong. This is a very boring, unoriginal movie. There is no character development, you really don't care who kills who or why. The worst was the editing n camera shots. The quick-cut, shaky-cam gave me a headache. I almost fell asleep. Couldn't make out what was going on. The movie had excessively annoying hand-held shots and bad editing. Most of the scenes were shot in dark. One cannot make out the place or the set up. There was zero tension. Zero suspense. It was simply not scary at all. Zombie's wife, Sheri cannot act. I mean she can't even cry or scream properly. The story was lame. There was no proper explanation given. The ending tried to be more ambiguous but failed.

Reviewed by Scott LeBrun 6 / 10 / 10

How could a nightmare be any worse than this reality?

Five travelling carny workers - Charly (Sheri Moon Zombie), Panda (Lawrence Hilton-Jacobs), Venus (Meg Foster), Levon (Kevin Jackson), and Roscoe (Jeff Daniel Phillips) - are abducted by a sick bunch of freaks and made to play a sadistic game of survival. The proceedings are run by macabre Masters of Ceremony - Father Murder (Malcolm McDowell), Sister Serpent (Jane Carr), and Sister Dragon (Judy Geeson) - and the mean s.o.b.s who torture, taunt, and kill them have names like "Sick-Head" (Pancho Moler), "Death-Head" (Torsten Voges), and "Psycho-Head" (Lew Temple). The absolute worst of the bunch is a monster named "Doom-Head" (Richard Brake), who revels in his job. Rob Zombies' crowd-funded movie was a return to the sort of blood-soaked depravity with which he made his name, after too much disappointment was expressed over "The Lords of Salem", his attempt to step outside his usual wheelhouse. Once again, he shows that his way with dialogue tends to be hit-and-miss; sometimes he comes up with something quotable, but most of the time it's just insipid. The opening scenes that establish our protagonists are rough going, and don't exactly endear the characters to this viewer. Therefore, it's hard to care much about what happens to most of them. Zombies' inane script, which lacks imagination and wit, makes a waste of some good atmosphere, production design, and cinematography. All of that said, the casts in his films are usually pretty eclectic. Tracey Walter, Daniel Roebuck, and Elizabeth Daily also put in appearances. The standouts include old pro Foster, who gets to be pretty badass, and character actor Brake, who's definitely relishing this moment in the spotlight. His is a villain who obviously enjoys what he does. One more good thing about Zombies' efforts are the soundtracks, and this one is no exception. The music that plays over the closing credits is especially groovy. Fans of hardcore horror and Zombies' loyal fan base are certain to be amused, but this will likely be a struggle to get through for most folks. Brake and Foster raised the rating a bit for this viewer. Six out of 10.

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