7 Man Army


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Macholic 9 / 10 / 10

Cheh Chang's lost masterpiece

I saw this movie as the second half of a midnight double bill more than 20 years ago and it made a lasting impression. A group of brave Chinese martial arts fighters take a stand against the Japanese invaders during WWII in an impressive display of martial arts. So why didn't the Japanese just gun them down? I guess there is no honor in defeating an enemy without firearms that way and that would have shortened the movie quite a bit. See it if you can, but as far as I know it is completely unavailable. There is not even a Hong Kong VCD release of it. This one is overdue for DVD release. 9/10

Reviewed by dafrosts 8 / 10 / 10

A Heart Wrencher

The Shaw Brothers brings together my favorite actors in this heart wrenching tale of 7 men and an orphan who try to hold out against the invading Japanese Army in 1931. I like that each of the 7 has a backstory rather than simply being 7 men shooting and kicking the crap out of Mongol bandits and Japanese soldiers. There is a reason beyond orders each of these men has come to be at this fort. Private Pai Chang-hsing (David Chaing), is seeking atonement for past behavior. Major Wu Chao-cheng (Ti Lung) continues his effort to prove he can be the best solider he can be. Chiang Ming-kun (Chen Kuan-Tai aka The Dark One), is a rebel leader seeking to remove the Japanese invaders from his country. Ho Hung-fa (Fu Sheng) is a scared kid seeking revenge against the Mongols who annihilated his family. Chu Tien-Cheng (Chi Kuan-Chun) who despises the Japanese in general, wants revenge for the death of his girlfriend and friend at the hands of Japanese soldiers. Chia Fu-sheng (Ying Bai) wants to avenge the General who was his army instructor. Pan Ping Lin (Li Yi-Min) was in the Opera until he confronted Japanese soldiers assaulted fellow castmates. Hsiao Hsuen-tsu (Hua Chung-Ting) becomes the 8th man, as an orphan whose entire village was destroyed. Watching these men desperately try to maintain their fort against the invaders is inspiring. You know the ultimate outcome but still watch to see how many Japanese and Mongols they manage to combat in the meantime. The rings Pai has to give his wife are the key to this story getting out to other Chinese. They are a symbol of hope and change. The fight scenes are bloody and intense. The courage these men showed in insurmountable odds deserves respect. I will definitely be rewatching this in the future. I agree with other reviewers, this movie deserves to be available on DVD for others to enjoy.

Reviewed by kowalski37 8 / 10 / 10


This has to be one of the most unusual Kung Fu films I've ever seen. I bought it because Gordon Liu is in it, but unfortunately he plays a Japanese bad guy and is only in a few scenes. In 1933 20000 Jap soldiers and 50 tanks invaded the Pa Tou Lou Tzu, a strategic key point of the great wall. 7 heros took on the invaders for 5 days before succumbing. There is plenty of Kung Fu in this film, but also the 7 heros use their rifles and grenades on the Japanese. I obtained my DVD from store.edaymovie.com and sadly it ends abruptly just before the 2 hour mark, so although I can guess how it ends, I'm not totally sure. However, I think it's still a film worth watching.

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