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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Ben_Cheshire 6 / 10 / 10

A lesson in how to bury a movie by calling it something weird.

So first of all, it stands for Adult Child of Divorce and its the main reason no-one heard of this one. It sounds like a disorder, and people go see comedies that seem like a good time, not a lot of work. Adam Scott's little bro wants to get married, and its his job to try and get his warring divorced parents to be in the same room together. Jane Lynch, Mary Elisabeth Winstead, Amy Poehler, Katherine O'Hara and Richard Jenkins are all great. Funny likable cast, terrific situation comedy, its only about 20 minutes too long. Truly the only reason this got buried was that terrible unwieldy title. 6/10 outwore its welcome by the end, but still, underrated.

Reviewed by whynotgoglobal 5 / 10 / 10

Made worthwhile by two very fine actors

This movie is held together by a typically intelligent, sympathetic performance from Adam Scott, with fine support from Mary Elizabeth Winstead. I believed in and cared about them as the central couple, with Scott struggling to deal with the chaos created by others and Winstead the voice of reason in his life. Other performances capture the selfishness of a dysfunctional family nicely, and I quickly found myself rooting for Scott and feeling the pain when his life is derailed. This movie doesn't patronise the audience with clichéd resolutions, it's funny enough to keep us amused and thanks to Scott and Winstead it never slips into pointless farce.

Reviewed by Jake Jansen 5 / 10 / 10

A completely mixed bag.

Grade: C+ A.C.O.D. is a completely mixed bag. The film centers around Carter (Adam Scott), who has spent 15 years dealing with the feud between his divorced parents (Richard Jenkins and Catherine O'Hara). When Carter's younger brother Trey (Clark Duke) Decides to get married, Carter must confront the feud and convince his parents to go to the wedding together. Like I said earlier, this film is a mixed bag. Adam Scott is the best one in the film. He is able to convey sympathy for his parents while also trying to keep everything in an orderly fashion. His parents on the other hand? Well… They are crap. They were always bickering at each other and causing a big scene, which I understand is the point of their characters, but I never felt any authenticity in their performance. Catherine O'Hara really got on my nerves. The ending felt very rushed. It's almost like the film was originally shot to be two hours long but during editing, the director decided to cut out a 30-minute chunk of the final act. At only one hour and 27 minutes, A.C.O.D. leaves a lot more to be desired. If you are a massive fan of Adam Scott and you have to see all his work then check it out, otherwise this is one you can probably skip.

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