A Christmas Star



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Kylie Minogue as Self - Artist
Liam Neeson as Tom
Paula Malcomson as Bellman #4
Pierce Brosnan as Valeri Petrofsky / James Edward Ross
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Reviewed by adonis98-743-186503 6 / 10 / 10

Not that bad for a Christmas film..

Born under the Christmas Star, Noelle believes she has the gift to perform miracles, so when conniving developer McKerrod threatens her peaceful life she and her friends determine to use this gift to thwart his plans and save their village. A Christmas Star is not something that you haven't seen before but thanks to some good performances by the leading kids and a very strong ending it really did well in my opinion. The rest of the acting was mediocre especially from Pierce Brosnan and Liam Neeson was good as the narrator but his role wasn't something important to begin with also great acting by James Stockdale who played Spud-Bob i'm gonna give this film an 6.5/10

Reviewed by stephenabell 8 / 10 / 10

When you wish upon an Irish star...

This is better than most of your Christmas films, which seem to bog themselves down in sentimentality and Christmas Spirit. This isn't a bad thing since that's what Christmas is about. However, when you get a film like this which is set in more realistic situations it's a nice break from the over cheeriness of the usual Chrimbo fodder. What also make this a movie worth watching is the acting, which, by and far, is superb. They actors did a great job and must have taken more than a few notes from the cameo "Stars" in the film, as this was the intended purpose of the Television Festival for Young People. That said, the film could've done with a bit better script and direction, there were times when my attention would stray, and the acting wasn't enough to keep me glued to the gogglebox. I recommend this film to all and we need more Christmas films like this - and more films helping young actors to come forward.

Reviewed by nina_glyndwr 8 / 10 / 10

A little gem

For a low-budget film that uses a lot of non-professionals, this is a really good film. A pleasing plot. Very neat. And the children are great actors. I'm glad I watched it. I almost didn't - because of the low rating. I had watched a big-budget children's film before it and that had the same rating. I gave it a 4. It was dire. This film, however, is so much better. No special effects, no professional child actors, but just so much better.

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