A Christmas Switch


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Jackbv123 8 / 10 / 10

Just have fun with it

Yes it's been done before. Is it as good as the others? Maybe not, but maybe yes. The acting is fine. The story is also fine. If you don't try to compare, but go with the flow, it is an enjoyable TV movie. I liked that there was confusion of the sudden switch is profound, but not overdone. I liked that Julia is tough, even arrogant and selfish, but not sadistically mean. I liked that the teenage Laurel does love her mom. I loved little Cleary Herzlinger as Kelly. She actually acted her age. And I loved the very last segment by the tree. Jackie Seiden has talent. We hear a bit of it, but I could have listened to more.

Reviewed by TheLittleSongbird 9 / 10 / 10

Festive body swapping

Christmas has always been special to me and my favourite time of year. Main reasons being that it means lots of family time and reliving the nostalgia of singing and listening to carols, watching Christmas films and animations, playing festive games and opening presents. Will never tire of it and nothing will ever change that for the world. Seing it as someone who wanted to see a different festive film other than the ones watched every year, 'A Christmas Switch' is never going to be among my favourites or one of the timeless festive films. It is not great, nor is it flawless. 'A Christmas Switch' is though a more than watchable film and avoids some, though not all, of the traps that other Christmas films have fallen into. It is a case of having appeal for some and others finding it a bit of a chore to sit through. For me despite its flaws, 'A Christmas Switch' is one of the better new Christmas films seen recently, but nowhere near close to ever. As to be expected, the story is predictable and although the premise is a reasonably clever one there isn't an original idea in sight. There are a lot of easily telegraphed scenes here. Some draggy pacing here and there too. Some of the dialogue veers on the cheesy side and like some festive films it is not without its schmaltzy and over-sentimental moments, some of which not easy to stomach. However, 'A Christmas Switch' is a decent looking film, the locations are particularly striking. The music provides some affectionate nostalgia and is pleasant to listen to, while the direction avoids being too routine. Didn't find myself irritated by the characters at least and wasn't bored. Despite the predictability, 'A Christmas Switch' has its heart in the right place, a difficult to dislike atmosphere and has a nice message that is easily relatable and wasn't laid on too thick. There is definitely a festive spirit and there is plenty of warmth and charm here, with enough parts to warm and melt the heart. Never does it feel too juvenile or mean-spirited and the sentimentality doesn't become too much. The acting actually comes over very well, with two likeable leads and children that never are too sugary sweet or bratty, instead charming and beyond their years. Overall, likeable and above average if nothing to be blown away by. 6/10 Bethany Cox

Reviewed by jlfarr495 9 / 10 / 10

Charming, funny, upbeat!

Christmas television movies are very much hit or miss propositions. A Christmas Switch is a surprising charmer that most will find pleasing. The Freaky Friday concept of changing bodies and being forced to handle fish out of water existences is certainly not new, but the two lead actresses here do a terrific job of conveying their experiences, and the supporting cast complements them wonderfully. The two daughters are totally charming, and the husbands perfectly project good-natured bemusement. This is probably not a film that viewers will long remember, but it should entertain them most satisfyingly while they are watching it. And what else do you want from a Christmas television movie!

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