A Christmas Wish


Comedy / Drama / Family / Romance

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November 12, 2020



Danielle Chuchran as Emma Valentine
Edward Herrmann as Milligan
K.C. Clyde as Reid
Kristy Swanson as Rachel Broussard
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by rob-sibley 9 / 10 / 10

Pretty good TV Christmas movie

Our family likes to watch Christmas movies on the Hallmark Channel. While most of the shows are similar it is a safe network to view family style programs. Some of the shows are so bad we just laugh at poor writing, cheap production values and just plain bad acting. Watch "The National Tree" and you'll know what I mean. "A Christmas Wish" was on par with some of the better programs. While the story was familiar to many Hallmark movies the dialog was a cut above. The show was actually filmed during the winter instead of summer with fake snow scattered around. There were some cute moments which caused us to laugh out loud (in a good way), but perhaps what this Christmas movie had that the others did not was the true meaning of the season. Although not over bearing it did mention the birth of Christ and the importance faith plays in our lives. Overall a good effort.

Reviewed by dickklip 9 / 10 / 10

A Good Family Friendly, Family Values Movie

This is a very watchable movie, very typical of the Hallmark Channel Christmas movies, which my wife and I love to watch to get us in the holiday spirit. As is typical, we find a woman whose rodeo cowboy husband has abandoned her; leaving her broke and with three kids to care for. Things go from bad to worse as she battles a series of mishaps trying to find a new home for herself and her children. If you ever think that you've had a bad day or week, you've never gone through anything like this woman faces! The acting is, however, very good, from a variety of veterans, like Edward Hermann, Tess Harper, and others. Ultimately, as with all Hallmark movies, things are resolved in the final six minutes. This is a very enjoyable movie, and I was especially surprised and impressed with the plot theme of showing the true meaning of Christmas, and the power of prayer, something which most modern movies avoid. It definitely is a "feel good" movie, and one which teaches strong family values. Despite the predicable, and somewhat thin plot, and several loose ends being hastily tied up at the end, it is worth the watch.

Reviewed by emaureen 9 / 10 / 10

Touching performance by Kristy Swanson

The drama rose above the clichés because of excellent performances all around, especially by Kristy Swanson. There was enough material, and enough characters (mostly endearing), for a regular TV series spanning a year. This single mom had a TERRIBLE two weeks. My only regret was the inevitability of everything winding up in a hurry. I got a laugh from the review saying that at 42, Swanson was too old to play the part of someone who should be around 30. For this role, you need someone who might be thirty but who shows the prematurely ageing effects of too much worry and too many sleepless nights. I thought she was perfect. Lots of good characters, so this Hallmark Christmas movie is recommended. However, I'd steer clear of the menu at the diner, far too much gravy.

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