A Death in the Gunj


Drama / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 92%
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by namashi_1 9 / 10 / 10

A Great, Affecting Film With A Terrific Performance By Vikrant Massey!

Konkona Sen Sharma is among the Finest Actress of the Modern-Era & there are no two ways about it. Having won 2 National-Awards for her acting prowess, Konkona makes her Directorial Feature Debut with 'A Death in the Gunj'. And the good news is that, 'A Death in the Gunj' is a near-masterpiece, that is absorbing, affecting & unforgettable. And the Ace here is its lead-actor Vikrant Massey, who anchors the show with a heroic performance. 'A Death in the Gunj' Synopsis: When Shutu (Vikrant Massey) goes on a vacation with his self-involved relatives and family friends, the shy and sensitive university student discovers that there is a heavy price to pay for gentleness. 'A Death in the Gunj' is about kindness & inhumanity. Shutu is a fine, simple 23-year old young-adult, who is reduced into a mere prop by his despicable family. Its a very sad journey that Shutu goes through, but what makes his journey engrossing, are its overall characters, who despite their unforgivable attitude towards Shutu, appear human. They aren't likable, but there is humanity in them, although not for poor Shutu, who must bear their lack of care, until breaking point. 'A Death in the Gunj' is a personal story on gentleness being mistreated & how love will always win, even though the world lacks a lot of it. From start to end, the narrative is dark, but its all-out gripping at the same time. Konkona is in top-form as a Writer & Director. Konkona & Disha Rindani's Screenplay is absorbing & disturbing, but never misses the point. The Writing is super-strong! Her Direction, on the other-hand, is excellent & she deserves credit, for keeping the atmosphere realistic throughout. I hope Konkona makes more movies! Sirsha Ray's Cinematography captures the intense proceedings, magnificently. Editing is razor-crisp. Art & Costume Design are perfect. And now time for the acting honors! Vikrant Massey brings Shutu to life with the most affecting performance of the year. Right from his body-language, to his pained eye & to his soft dialogue delivery, Massey is an actor to watch! Massey anchors the show with flat-out terrific performance, that deserves awards & rewards! And lets forget that Massey was the best thing (if not only) in this year's Half Girlfriend. Ranvir Shorey is brilliant. As the despicable bully, Shorey is pure dynamite on-screen. What a fearless, versatile actor! Gulshan Devaiah is first-rate as Shutu's inconsiderate brother. Kalki Koechlin as the sexually vibrant Mimi, is flawless, yet again! Tillotama Shome is outstanding as Deviah's wife, delivering a richly layered performance from start to end. Tanuja & The Late/Great Om Puri do well as usual as the elderly couple. On the whole, 'A Death in the Gunj' digs deep & results into a deeply affecting cinematic experience. Watch It Now!

Reviewed by ranveeraggarwal 9 / 10 / 10

Why can't we have more movies like this?

It's one of the most beautiful movies I've watched in a while. While other movies in this genre (practically non-existent in Bollywood) generally take up to 20 minutes to build up to the main story this one is intriguing right from the start. We know that someone's going to die, and we know who it is, 5 minutes into the movie. But this ain't a murder mystery. It's about the events leading up to the death. It's about the characters developing, intermingling. Beautifully shot, with a calm, fantastic soundtrack (which, sadly isn't available to listen anywhere right now), I wish there were more movies like this. I regret not being able to watch this when I could in the theatres (thanks Amazon).

Reviewed by bijzthestar 9 / 10 / 10


The ground for a death is set already when the scene opens in a city trembling in peak winters. The tired sun that cannot decide if it wants to rise, the insects already stocking their nests and ready to hibernate, the orchestra of cicadas that blends easily in the suspicious eerie silence of the evenings, the absence of roses and the long purple nights. In such a set-up the only noise that rips the slumber of the forest apart is the loud laughter of a happy family. The perfect family with rotund bellies feasting on meat and wine, slyly rubbing bodies against each other in jest, and like every other family, unable to keep track of the share of love every member is receiving. It's easy to feel left behind in a world disheveled by adults. Where youth is thought to be coped up with only by a compensatory adrenaline rush, sex is but a form of hospitality, and children and servants are defamed outcasts for just not being alike. Amidst these artificialities, humble "Shuttu" draws dreamy figures in his diary, takes interest in dead moths and the funeral of ants, befriends his six year old niece Tani and vehemently resists metamorphosis. His brother Nandu like most elder siblings, puts him through helpful tests to man him up(driving, planchettes, kabbadi) but Shuttu is already a man with his weak arms but a muscular heart that can carry immeasurable weight. He is the re-incarnate of Franz Kafka, sniffing for traces of love in his dead father's sweaters and his seductive muse's white ankles and the melancholy of his wailing mother. The film brings back to my aching mind a nostalgia of theatrical plays, where the characters were the fodder and story but a resource, rather than the other way around. Nandu's wife, "Bonnie" and mother,"Anupama" are an accurate reflection of the legacy of homemakers; dreamless eyes, unquestioning obeisance, and principled Elizabeth Bennets always in- charge of too much to be done. Vikram(Ranbir Shorey) is the perennially candescent splinter and Mimi(Kalki) is the moth dancing in its flame. O.P(Om Puri's character) has drunk blood-shot eyes and a jovial persona which often confuse his grand-daughter for a tortoise and dismiss the bruises under Shuttu's eyes as child's play. Tani is a young and curious fluttering butterfly who just broke out of her cocoon. Maniya and Manjuri, the domestic helps, are observers of the building up of crime which in this movie, is neither an accident or event, nor a well-hatched conspiracy, but a sudden condensation of reality. The timeline of growing up is riddled with tough milestones to surpass. The degradation of parent's narrative from "are you facing a problem we don't know about" to " what is the problem with you", bodily changes, the political intrusion of lust and control in relationships and the devaluation of childhood dreams which are too much for a heart which still has not grown anesthetic to pangs of betrayal and dishonesty. As Shuttu tries to brush through these and more, he watches little Tani with wet eyes who would soon be stepping into this war too. A war which is endless and perpetual, called adulthood, where the temporary campsite on the battleground is supposed to be your permanent home. Where defeat is inevitable but the contest is about who can survive longer. With this debut, Konkana Sensharma blurs the lines between a book and a movie, unveils how modern art is about context rather than content, undresses the guilty faces of families where it is surprisingly easy for someone to not matter at all. By the end, I wished if the movie could be longer and I was given more time to build intimacy with the characters of Mimi or Vikram to know what went into the making of their lustful, unconquerable and ambitious hearts. But alas, a movie could only be a window to another world and not a door, an excerpt of an unending saga which is still happening behind the closed walls of silent homes and secluded hostel rooms, a crime that is taking place without any blood dripping which no one knows about now, no one will figure out the reason behind, but everyone will blame themselves for.

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