A Different Story


Drama / Romance

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Meg Foster as Stella Cooke
Perry King as Albert Walreavens
Richard Bull as Mr. Cooke
Stephen Nichols as Man at Bath
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by wmschoell 1 / 10 / 10

Idiotic and homophobic

This heavily unbalanced movie presents two gay people -- a man and a woman -- who are trapped in negative relationships with unappealing partners, thus stacking the deck against the gay lifestyle. It does not present gay relationships as being normal and healthy. The two gay characters -- they are never referred to as bisexual -- get married to each other. Do they eventually recognize that they are basically gay and embark upon healthy homosexual relationships? No, instead they supposedly fall in love. The old stereotype that "you're only gay until you meet the right man -- or woman." Honestly, I can't imagine who this would appeal to besides homophobes or self-hating homos. Its negative view of gay life, and its need to "straighten out" the gay characters to make more them palatable to mainstream audiences, makes this anti-gay flick a dated, stupid and unfunny travesty. The fact that there may be gay men and lesbians married to each other in real life -- quite pathetic in these days of gay marriage -- doesn't make this picture any less fantastic or more believable.

Reviewed by Goodmovielover 10 / 10 / 10

A "different" story indeed!

In order to stop her homosexual friend Albert (Perry King) from being deported back to Belgium, Stella (Meg Foster) decides to marry him. The only other problem with that is that Stella herself is a lesbian. The two have their separate lives when one night after Albert's birthday party, they fall into bed and then into love. Later in the film after falling in love, Stella suspects Albert of cheating and shows up at his job one night late after closing. What she finds will leave the viewer stunned. This is a great film, very original. Perry King and Meg Foster are so good in their roles that it is amazing that they were not better recognized for their work here. Very controversial upon its release in 1978, the "R" rated film is now "PG" in this much more liberal time. Recently released on DVD, the disc contains a "Making Of" segment on the special features and in it it's stated that the film was based on an actual story so the viewers who say the film is not "real" are mistaken. Everyone is an individual and different people fall in love for different reasons-these are the issues explored in this wonderful film for everyone who has ever loved!

Reviewed by Cilean 10 / 10 / 10

A truly lovely experience- DO pick this up if you can!

This is a film for entertainment; I did not think the world made social commentary from one small film. I personally find this film funny, audacious, and memorable. It is a fantasy not unlike a cinder girl becoming a Princess. This film was done very well I might add, in the 70's a time of the best experiments in film with being able to mention a person's sexuality. This movie is not about a person being homosexual or not, it is however about love, in all it's strange forms. This film does show some of the realities of being gay in the 70's in Hollywood, or in California. Pretty boys being looked after by older not so pretty men. Women who had to stay deeply locked in the emotional closet or risk not having a career. Bathhouses were an integral part of the gay community. THEN the fantasy begins!! Let us mix a lesbian with a gay and add some liquor and what do we have? Well this movie, which in ANY way was better than that dismal redo "The Next Big Thing". Perhaps someone should have asked the entire crew to see this movie and then try to do better. I enjoyed this movie when I saw it in the 70's and it still brings a smile to my lips now. I heartily advise anyone who wants a funny, tender movie- to curl up with some popcorn and have some fun. Some people need to lighten up!!! And this is the film you should do it with!

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