A Dirty Carnival


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by vze32kxa 9 / 10 / 10

Top of the line gangster flick

Dirty Carnival is a story about a sergeant level member of a organized crime gang. At 29 he has little to show for his age and worse, has no prospects. While he seemingly has the utmost loyalty from his subordinates he is constantly put down by the under boss. He reluctantly seizes a murderous opportunity which would surely promote him to lieutenant to the big boss. All goes according to plan but he is anything but happy and in a drunken confession he pours his heart out to a filmmaker friend looking for the perfect plot to his movie. I don't feel like I'm spoiling anything when I say the ending is not a happy one. It has become the trademark of Korean cinema, or to be cynical, a cliché. At first such endings were fresh and different but these days I could do without them. Nonetheless A Dirty Carnival is one of the best movies I've seen since, well, Once Upon a Time in High school. The movie achieves a gritty yet realistic tone I rarely see in movies. I can honestly say I enjoyed every moment of this movie and I have the attention span of a 3rd grader. Many people are interested in the fight scenes so I will say that there is one major brawl scene comparable to the one in "Chingu". Violence is scattered throughout the movie, at least enough to please action fans.

Reviewed by crossbow0106 8 / 10 / 10

A Very Good Gangster Film

Since I have not heard about this film before it was broadcast on the Sundance Channel, I had no expectations. This is a very good to almost excellent film about gangster life in South Korea. It features In-sung Zo in a terrific performance as low level gangster Byong-doo. He meets up with an old friend Min-ho, who is a filmmaker and picks Byong-doo's brains about being a gangster. It spirals from there, as Byong-doo gets more ruthless and violent in his quest for more money and especially power. He also meets up with another old classmate. the pretty Hyun-joo (Bo-yong Lee) and that relationship develops slowly. There is some violence in this, but if you like gangster films I liked this as much as Goodfellas. Really, it is that absorbing and highly recommended.

Reviewed by claudio_carvalho 8 / 10 / 10

Family, Friendship, Ambition and Betrayal

In Seoul, Byung-Doo (In-sung Zo) is a twenty-nine year old gangster that works under the command of Sang-Shui (Yoon Jae-Moon) in the mobster organization of the boss Hwang (Ho-jin Chun). Byung-Doo is also the patriarch of his family and is having financial problems to support his old mother that is very ill and his younger siblings. When Hwang is pressed by the corrupt prosecutor Park, Byung-Doo sees the chance to prove his loyalty to Hwang, climb positions in his criminal career and improve his income, and he volunteers to get rid off Park, killing him and burying his body and the secret with his partner Jong-Soo (Ku Jin). Meanwhile, his former high school friend and aspirant director Kim Min-Ho (Min Nam-Koong) meets him asking Byung-Doo to be his adviser in his debut movie about gangsters. Later Byung-Doo goes to a high school reunion with Min-Ho where he meets his high school crush Hyun-Joo (Bo-young Lee) and they start seeing each other. One night, after arguing with Hyun-Joo, Byung-Doo gets drunk and makes confidences to Min-Ho about his dark secret, affecting his relationship in the criminal organization and friendship with the ambitious director. "Biyeolhan Geori" is a great Korean movie of gangsters. The story about family, friendship, ambition and betrayal is engaging and disclosed in an adequate pace. The choreography of the fights is impressively realistic, giving the sensation that the cast is fighting for real. The ambiguity of the lead character Byung-Doo is very well developed in the screenplay and performance of In-sung Zo Zo that gives the necessary credibility to his character, a family man and cold blood killer. This feature has indeed the true spirit of the gangster's movies like for example "Godfellas" and "Casino", and the plot is open to interpretation since it is never clear who might be the mastermind of Min-Ho's betrayal. Based on the last scene, I believe Jong-Soo forced Min-Ho to snitch out Byung-Doo to take over his position in the family. The music score is also excellent and gives a touch of high-quality to this great feature. My vote is eight. Title (Brazil): "Caminhos do Crime" ("Ways of the Crime")

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