A Dog Called Money

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by mikeyboy-lol 9 / 10 / 10

Portrait of not just an artist, but the artist inside everyone....

With the bold decision of abruptly ending the film with no tacked on answer, or roundabout way of explicitly surmising the state of the world, the viewer is left to both peer into the empathetic and ponderous nature of Harvey's creative process regarding this album, and to reflect on their own life experiences. We are all lost spectators, and this film reminds us of the enriching but harrowing nature of finding ourselves, by listening to and finding a human connection with others.

Reviewed by qeter 7 / 10 / 10

Sensible access into Harveys head

Seen at Viennale 2019: An early highlight of the Festival? This rockumentary catches my attention from the begin to the end. The way how thoughtful and intellectual Harvey visits all these places of different lifestyles is really impressive. Before her England record Harvey composed her songs from the inside out. With England she got her impressions from the outside of her own country. And for the next album she went abroad in the world. A very poetic access to countries we know from the newspapers as poor or war zones. Harvey goes to all this places and in every place she finds spirit for the better. Only at Republican Party's in Washington the string of believe in the power of human beings breaks. It is a shocking final in a beautiful movie with beautiful music. And gosh, what a fantastic voice PJ has to work with. She is gifted. And she uses her gift with touching humility. Highly recommended.

Reviewed by abc4d3e2f1 7 / 10 / 10

Portrait of an Album

PJ Harvey seems to be an awesomely weird chick, and I like to watch movies that explore an artist's creative process. PJ Harvey accompanies a photographer Seamus Murphy on his reporting trips over the four years. They visit Afganistan, Kosovo, and Washington. The footages from the recording session switch with footage from their trips with voice over by Harvey herself. She doesn't tell us straight what she sees or feels, but she gives her emotions forward in poetry. It was beautiful and at the same time a sad movie - to see how this world is torn apart by corporate greed, politics, and war, and yet there are all these people trying to go on with their lives, and some even trying to create something beautiful. I didn't like how the film that just observed still took a political stance (quite a strong one, I might add), towards the end, where they showed images from Trump's inauguration. I'm not much fond off the guy, but I'm getting tired of all this anti-Trump thing by now. A beautiful movie that shows the beautiful artist in making a gift to the world. Not particularly informative documentary and most definitely not the best rockumentary out there, but I enjoyed the general vibe of the movie.

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