A Father's Affection for His Daughter


Drama / Family / Romance

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Amitabh Bachchan as DCP Dashrath Singh
Om Puri as Inspector Kasturilal Vishkarma
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Darren Davis 9 / 10 / 10

Classic Bollywood melodrama

A reviewer once said about Bollywood that "if it's a colour, use it" and Baabul is anything if not colourful. There are lots of what could be euphemistically described as vibrant colours on screen at any given time. The plot, such as it is, revolves around love found, love lost and love re-found. All clocking in at little under three hours, with the characters bursting into song at the slightest provocation. Some of the choreography for the song and dance sequences must have taken ages to put together. As usual in Indian films, kissing is taboo and the romantic sequences are remarkably chaste by western standards. All the actors should have life memberships of the academy of over-acting. Emotional nuance is not really the name of the game here. But the actors sure are good looking, even those with grandchildren. They seem to have discovered the fountain of youth. While all of this doesn't sound like a glowing review, points have to be granted for the sheer positive life-force of this film and its life affirming message.

Reviewed by Miss_Weasley_Potter 9 / 10 / 10

Why did they make a movie like that???

Really, if they wanted to show that widows can remarry then they should have made it like this : Even though Sallu dies, Rani gets over him in 5-6 yrs. But throughout the whole ordeal John was with her, helping her through. After some time she starts dating John and falls in love with him and then they get married and then all the drama. I mean, the movie was made in such modern style yet that same old ghissi pitti story ? Why ? I really didn't expect this from a director who made Baghban. Including the fact that it looked like as if Rani didn't even wanted to get married . Why the heck can't they leave a woman single? What's the big deal ? Throw in the bad acting { even from John} , boring songs, and a movie soooo slow that it successfully put me to sleep . {I had to watch it again. No, I'm kidding at this. Dead .Serious. )Jeez! And Rani and Sallu looked bad. Sallu looked as if he had wrinkles.Why can't Rani for once in her life change her style? Hema somehow really irritated me with way she speaks.Gosh !How on earth was a movie like that made? Especially in an year where really good different movies were being made ?Those who are against widows remarrying will continue to do so even after watching this movie. This really didn't get any point across. So what was the point ? This movie is just made to bore us ?and make no sense? and use a solution to a problem used in the '60s and '70s which was totally nonsense?? Please!

Reviewed by Dream_Woman 9 / 10 / 10

A must see film

Well all i can say that I really enjoyed this film it was very unique and different compared to other Indian films that i have watched in the past,i mean most Indian films nowadays have the same sort of storyline, a man meets woman, they fall in love, a sleazy item number to make the movie sell and the happy couple get married, LoL but there was something different about this film that made me go and watch it in the cinema and i am very glad that i did go and see this movie. Basically what the story is about Sallu meets rani's character, fall in love, have a child and get married. Sallu parents are played by Big B who's role in this movie was just fantastic and the beautiful Hema Malini who i have admired and watched her films since i was a child. Om Puri was also very good in this film too. Sallu And Rani get married and have a child and then sadly he dies in a car crash, i mean when i saw the scene i was pretty shocked, it was really well directed. So Rani is alone with the child and she and her in laws find it hard to come to terms with his death. Rani had a best friend whom she has known since she was a child played by John Abraham, he too gave a great preforms in the film and was well suited for his role. Now John has been in love with Rani since he was a child and never told her how he felt, Big B decides that the best thing for everyone is to get Rani and John married, he was the right bloke for her and loved her dearly. Rani does not approve at first and them comes round and the last half and hour of the film would be the best part of the movie in my opinion, all of Big B's family are against the Marrige taken place and they try to stop it, apparently in India women should or are not allowed to get married if there first husband has passed away, i mean why???? and i completely disagree with this , it is totally wrong and immoral, i mean a woman is allowed to live ain't' she? if i was in that situation i would marry again for the sake of my child and my own happiness. So Big B gives this wonderful speech and Om Puri agrees for the couple to be married, so John and Ran do get married in the end and live happily ever after. The songs were mind blowing in the film also, and the Saree's were really lovely too. I really think that you all should go and watch this great family film and take your parents with you too.

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