A Firehouse Christmas


Drama / Romance

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October 27, 2020


Anita Brown as Dara
Anna Hutchison as Jenny Jenkins
Marcus Rosner as Marco DeLuca
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by dahartwick-39806 5 / 10 / 10

Good for little kids maybe?

I watched this movie with my teen daughter. We watch about a dozen Christmas movies every year, and this one was bad enough to finally write a review. The premise was good so we kept watching with hope that it would get better. It didn't. There were a number of plot gaps, script or Director shortcuts, and poor production in my opinion. This movie had such potential, but neither the Canadian name A Christmas Hero or international name Firehouse Christmas really made sense to the story. The movie was predictable and had a decent cast, but the Director, writers and production crew had the movie bouncing all over the place and it almost seemed like the actors were having a hard time following the story-line themselves. Had they not cut so many corners in the script, this movie could have easily been a 7.5. Instead its barely a 5, and definitely a never watch again.

Reviewed by kz917-1 4 / 10 / 10

Run Far Away From This Movie

What a horrible Christmas movie. In the end all the characters realized they've been massive arseholes. But the viewers had to suffer through all their awfulness for two hours to get there. This is a four alarm alert - stay away, stay far away from this movie. Minus a further half star for gratuitous Neil Lane and Kay Jewelers product placement. HORRIBLE!

Reviewed by MIssM19 4 / 10 / 10

Had potential. Little disappointed.

Okay, I'm only 7 minutes into the movie and I just had to write this down. I don't know if it's because I have way to many hours of Chicago Fire, but a few things are out of place. 1) Why would Jenny go inside to save her partner alone? 2) Why didn't his partner's thingy sound when he stopped moving? Why was the boyfriend even screaming at her? I mean, it's her job, a dangerous one and the last thing she needed was a distraction. Later, they called the fire department to just check his pressure? Don't they nurses for that? And the child's grandfather: OH MY GOD, he was annoying, for crying out loud we are in the 21st century: let people make their own choices! A few things were not believable, and the acting of some people weren't either. The little girl was adorable. The only moment in which I reacted was when Mary stood up for herself. Also, I laughed when It started snowing at the end. Actually, I smiled at the ending, it kinda made up for the movie that I thought more that once to quit (but Tom was hot, I had to finished it to see the ending) Either way, i'm not gonna lie, I suffered this movie at first, but I actually enjoyed the ending.

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