A Flintstone Christmas


Animation / Family

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November 28, 2020



Don Messick as Whiskers / Jonathan / Bruce
Hal Smith as Jacob Marley's Ghost - Goofy / Collector for the Poor #1
Mel Blanc as Barney Rubble / Dino
Virginia Gregg as Ethel Starkie
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by justin-fencsak 10 / 10 / 10

Nearly 40 years later, still the best Christmas special that Hanna Barbera has ever made.

When i first saw this on VHS years ago, I enjoyed what would've happened if Christmas was in the Stone Age. The result is a great cartoon that has great music, decent animation, and a good plot, which centers on Fred Flinstone becoming Santa Claus, disappointing his boss at work. Along the way, Fred and Barney travel across the world and finally come home after getting lost in China. In the end, Fred thanks Santa for helping out and his boss decides to keep Fred's job. While not the first Flinstones Christmas themed cartoon (that honor goes to an xmas episode of The Flinstones), it's the best that Hanna Barbera has ever made.

Reviewed by TheLittleSongbird 7 / 10 / 10

I actually liked this

It is true that it isn't as good as the classic TV show, which is a wonderful childhood favourite, but A Flinstone Christmas was pretty good. The voice cast do a great job, even those who replaced the original voice actor(ie. Harry Corden replacing Alan Reed) bear strong resemblance to the original voice actors. I loved Mel Blanc as Barney, Blanc is without a doubt one of the best voice actors ever, and perfectly captured Barney's zaniness and goofiness. Jean Vyder Pyl is still great as Wilma, and Gay Autterson also does a good job as Betty, though not quite as good as Bea Benaderet. The character characterisation isn't as strong as it is in the TV show however. That said, the animation is beautiful and stays true to the style in the TV show. I especially loved the image of Santa's sleigh pulled by the eight reindeer. And I loved the music, and contrary to another reviewer I liked the song Wilma sang to cheer up Pebbles. I liked the story too, about Santa(well voiced by Hal Smith) having an accident at Fred's house and Fred and Barney have to continue his run. All in all, I liked it, it isn't as good as the show, but it is nice seasonal fun. 8/10 Bethany Cox

Reviewed by CuriosityKilledShawn 7 / 10 / 10

Merry Rockmas

I'm not really sure how Christmas can exist in a prehistory setting, but I tried not to let this spoil my enjoyment. Fred is roped into playing Santa Claus by his boss for a bunch of underprivileged kids, but the real Santa falls off his roof and sprains his ankle, forcing Fred to take his place. As Xmas Specials go it's certainly one of the better ones. But it gets off to an iffy start when they recycle a song, frame-by-frame, from the dull as ditchwater 1972 Special 'A Christmas Story', thankfully the rest is all Flintstones. And without the distracting laugh track which frequently spoiled enjoyment of the TV show.

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