A Grandpa for Christmas


Comedy / Drama

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Ernest Borgnine as Bert O'Riley
Jamie Farr as Adam Johnson
Juliette Goglia as Becca O'Riley
Katherine Helmond as Roxie Famosa
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by edwagreen 9 / 10 / 10

Grandpa for Christmas- Another Good One for Strong Family Values ***1/2

At the age of 90, Ernest Borgnine turns in a wonderful performance as a grandfather discovering that he has a granddaughter. Problem is that he has been estranged from his daughter for many years. The daughter sided with her mother in a messy breakup between her parents. It is only after the daughter becomes injured in an accident that the grandfather takes temporary custody of his grandchild. Even the granddaughter has been brainwashed into thinking that grandpa is an ogre. That all changes when Borgnine shows tender loving care and takes charge in her life. It's a wonderful story again emphasizing strong family traditions. It is most appropriate for the holiday season.

Reviewed by rlt49 8 / 10 / 10

A fine Christmas story

I was very impressed with the overall quality of the acting and plot lines. I found Ernest Borgnine to be quite a lovable character. I believe that Juliette has a tremendous future in not only acting but especially as a singer. I look forward to her debut album. I had a fun time recognizing many of the players in this drams without looking at their names first. The plot line is very well done and believable. I look forward to seeing this show as a holiday tradition. It leaves room for a sequel as well to show how things progress. I am 58 years old but this movie had me crying and teary eyed at the ending. I also enjoyed Katherine Helmond in her role of Roxie. She played it as if it was her own persona. Thanks for a great production. The plot revolves around a retired thespian who has lost touch with his daughter until an untimely accident causes him to find out he has a granddaughter he never knew about. He ends up having to take care of this granddaughter since he is the only living relative. The changing of this relationship from a have to situation to a very loving one makes for a great story. Ron Tuell Sr

Reviewed by MartianOctocretr5 8 / 10 / 10

Call me sentimental, but I loved it

A sweet story to watch while sitting in the glow of a Christmas tree, and sipping some hot chocolate. The cast are wonderful. Ernest Borgnine plays a senior named Bert who learns his long-estranged daughter was involved in a car accident, and he is the only relative of a granddaughter he didn't even know existed. Now the lonely old guy, used to playing chess in the park with his friend, or hanging out and reminiscing with his group of former movie folks at a local cafe, is asked to take the child in while his daughter recovers from her severe injuries. Juliette Goglia, as Becca, Bert's granddaughter, is a gem. She and Borgnine play off each other very well, trading playful barbs right and left, and their growing affection is showcased sweetly. Goglia's portrayal of an awkward tween, who brightens with the encouragement of Bert, is really well done. There are themes throughout the story of bonding, forgiveness, understanding, healing, and other issues families deal with. Look for Kris Nelson, Jamie Farr, and some other familiar faces in the cast; an appealing group who all do well in their roles, and looked to be enjoying working together and having fun making the film. Nice Christmas traditions are incorporated into the film in wonderful ways, even things as simple as tree-trimming and a Christmas Eve pageant. Goglia has a wonderful singing voice, by the way. This was a pleasant Christmas treat, with a very touching and uplifting sentimentality.

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