A Haunting at the Rectory


Drama / Horror

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Nigel P 7 / 10 / 10

Spoilers follow ...

This is from the stable of Andrew Jones, who specialises in low-budget horror films, many of them starring Lee Bane. Here, Bane plays well-spoken rake Frank who moves into Borley Rectory as a penniless handyman. Before long, he takes advantage of wet Reverend Lionel (Tom Bonnington) and his good nature, as well as his wife, the woefully unappreciated Marianne (Suzie Frances Garton). The first thing that strikes me is that this story has little to do with the write-up on accompanying promotional material. Apart from the names of the characters and places, the 'encounters with the dark forces of the supernatural' in this 'based on true events' tale blurb seems spliced from another film entirely. That notwithstanding, this is a typical Jones' product: an approximation of the time period in which it is set (the 1930s), sound design that fluctuates occasionally making some of the dialogue difficult to hear and committed acting from the very small cast. The production is intimate, focusing on the relationships of the three rather on spectacular shock effects. The problem is, when they do occasionally happen, the effects are blighted by the lack of budget. But this is about atmosphere more than anything else, and as such draws you in. The plot is methodical and thinly stretched, but interesting enough to make this venture worthwhile.

Reviewed by mjsreg 4 / 10 / 10

No, no, no. Back to film school fro you producer/director

First of all, this is nowhere near a 'horror', it's not even a reasonable ghost story. Neither is it a reasonable thriller or suspense movie, nor a drama worth any weight at all. Just because a film is low budget doesn't mean the fundamentals of film making should be abandoned. If a film is being presented as a certain time period make sure it looks the part. In other words, camouflage modern fitments for starters, even if it means using a bit of painted cardboard!! Modern light switches slap bank in the middle of the frame. Next is don't shoot your own equipment! In several scenes attention to framing is non-existent. For example a massive light rig in the garden during a night scene. Shaky shake works SOMETIMES. Hand-held effects can bring drama to a scene when used appropriately. In this movie it is used far too much when the emphasis should be on the characters and becomes annoying and distracting (someone MUST have watched this before finalising the shoot). Learn to direct. So many many times in this movie the actors appeared to be left hanging wondering what to do next. Long pauses that made actors look like they had lost the plot became another annoyance. As with directing - learn to edit! Many of the annoyances because of the lack of direction could have been addressed in editing. Conversations between characters were often slow and laboured - totally artificial. Make sure your story reflects what you claim. The marketing for this film is as a horror. As in my opening comment, it isn't - nowhere near. Having said that, if the technical problems with the film had been addressed and the actors given direction and the opportunity to rehearse more this could have been an interesting movie to watch. The production team had the equipment, but the lack of attention to detail has yet again let down what could have been a decent film.

Reviewed by Danii Disaster 4 / 10 / 10


I thought this movie was supposed to be about a haunted place, but it is, in fact, about infidelity. The story focuses on the Reverend's wife and the handyman's affair almost exclusively; so much that the supposed "paranormal" events look totally out of place. This movie did not get anything right. It didn't look or feel like 1930 at all (I've seen documentaries about the 30s). The actors seemed wrong for their respective roles. The events were unrealistic and the characters' response to them illogical. The movie didn't seem to know where it wants to go or what it wants to do with itself. The paranormal events were so few, so exaggerated, discorded and random that it'd make you think that, perhaps, they were edited into this movie from another movie by mistake. The description: "A Reverend and his wife discover their new home has a deadly secret." O.K., what "deadly secret"? Unless I missed something, this "secret" was never revealed... I really don't understand the paranormal connection at all. This movies is about a cheating wife, not about paranormal activity. I didn't get what the ghost drivel, that was randomly shoved into a movie of entirely different genre, had to do with anything or what connection it was supposed to have to the story. Basically, the whole thing is poorly pieced together and a bit messy. Perhaps it would appeal to "drama"- or even "crime"-lovers, but to label it as "mystery" is highly misleading to say the least.

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