A Lonely Woman


Action / Crime / Drama

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by nogodnomasters 2 / 10 / 10

The Dark Side

Annie/Jezebel (Youlika Skafida) drives a Delorean. She can afford it because strangers leave their wallets on the hood. She finds her parents dead (best actors in the film) and goes vigilante on those she suspects are the killers. She is supposed to be a tough woman, but we don't get any background on her. After she shoots a bunch of people, she then gets gun training at the range. The plot seemed to be out of whack. The camera work and sound were not great and the facial expressions indicated a lot of constipation on the set. At times it was so bad, it was funny. And the Texas coastal town has a Delorean garage. Guide: F-word. Nudity (Youlika Skafida)

Reviewed by ops-52535 / 10

the badenbad ,and ugly ugly

This was an uninteresting amerivan vigilate humour, mixed with spaghetti action,and spiced with mexican chilli in the eyes shootouts movie made to show that a feature movie is not that difficult to make. just make a taste of the music featured in the background,its an everlasting self repeating tune,that irritates the bones of your middleear into a big bon heur. its the revengeful,black clad,overly maked up lady with the longest shooter in the world running aroung killing siblings and half sibs and hired killers that are hired to kill her. the story has surtainly been inspired by chales bronson flicks . the story has got some liability, but the filmography,acting and editing+ extremely sparse use of sound effects make s this film,that makes you wish it ends asap. do watch at 1,25x speed to make some fun outta the stiff movements,because else it is not memorable at all.

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