A Midsummer Night's Dream


Comedy / Drama / Romance

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Gwendoline Christie as Titania / Hippolyta
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by james-dore 10 / 10 / 10

Best version of this I've ever seen

Wonderfully realised, with absolutely genius direction and scripting. Characterisation is absolutely, marvellously perfect, Puck, Bottom, Titania, Oberon, the whole cast give their utter best combining 21st and 16th century east London with classical Athens an smatterings of Mancunian gay bars, strip,clubs and deep, dark misogyny. Bottom is fabulous! I've seen countless productions of A Midsummer Night's Dream, but never have I laughed so heartily, or gripped my seat in horror. Theatre at its absolute best.

Reviewed by charlotte23924 / 10

Joyful, delightful production

Exceptionally well directed by the suberb Nicholas Hytner. this is an ambitious but delighful re-imagining with a plethora of swapped lines, and filmed beautifully for a NT Live audience. The production design is a delight, the costumes delightful, and the frenetic, musical pace highly memorable. There are some wonderful performances here. Oliver Chris is a National Theatre stalwart and his physical humor makes for a wonderful inhabiting of his role - such an underrated actor. Isis Hainsworth is a standout Hermia. Animashaun and Christie are exceptional in such different ways - Animashaun is a bullish comedic riot who had our screening gasping for air in a hard to ignore performance that has you walking out thinking you've discovered a new star. Christie has terrific range and could just as easily have turned her re-imagined Titania/Hippolyta into an overzealous charicature, but instead she is commanding, cool, kind and mischievous in equal measure, a choice that gives creedence to the plays overall message but gives great space to her castmates to create a joyous ensemble that is greater than the sum of its parts.

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