A Mother's Fight for Justice



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Eric Lively as Andrew Stone
Meredith Baxter as Terry Stone
Vik Sahay as Vivek Jayaram
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by mmindy4 10 / 10 / 10

Excellent Movie!

I thought this was an excellent movie. I'm surprised there have not been any other comments about this movie. I thought Eric Lively, Mereidith Baxter and Alan Bates played the roles masterfully. They all should have won academy awards for the parts they played. I think there should have been a more harsher punishment for the drunk driver. He should have been charged with more then he was charged with such as, reckless endangerment, wanton disregard for human safety and assault with a deadly weapon. I give this movie 10 stars out of 10. I had to tape it because I like it so much.

Reviewed by Kassielee21 / 10

Good movie but a little irritating

Great movie with amazing acting. The part that really irritated me though was the son. After the drunk driver gets caught repeating his crime while awaiting sentencing, the son doesn't want the mom to report it to the prosecutor. I'm sorry but that is selfish on so many levels, although the movie tries to portray it as selfless. Oh yeah, let's not report it so he can cause another wreck! He keeps making it all about him, when the reality is it's about getting this drunk driver off of the streets before he hurts someone else. The blood would have been on their hands, but luckily mom didn't listen. Then the son keeps whining about not wanting to sue the drunk driver- ummm are you going to pay all of those medical bills?! Didn't think so, your parents are so yet again, stop being selfish.

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