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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by gioandao802 10 / 10 / 10

Love, jealousy, devotion, loneliness, foolishness and more, all in one movie.

Based on the novel by Park Bum-shin, Eungyo looks at the different types of relationships between the young and the old. We have the philosophical teacher, the devoted student and the foolish schoolgirl. The movie explores the author's personal thoughts on ageing, human psychology and desire in a remarkable down to earth fashion allowing us to empathise and relate to each of the three main characters on their own level. Student's often tend to admire, love and look up to their teachers but is that admiration and love reflected back by the teacher onto their student? What happens when the relationship between the student and the teacher eventually becomes a one way love regardless of the events which unfold? Romantic relationships between the old and the young are usually despised, looked down upon and pitied. Yet those individuals who are so quick to judge never truly understand the truth of the matter. This movie captures that truth perfectly for all to understand, far from biased but will almost certainly alter opinions on the subject both negative and positive. There is only so much that can be said about Eungyo in one review, especially when the film explores so many strong emotions as themes. In the end, who was wrong if any? Was it the student, teacher or the schoolgirl? Perhaps all had their own faults? That is for you and you alone to decide. All that can really be said is that this is NOT your average drama. On a side note, the score for the film is absolutely beautiful and truly reflects the different emotions occurring in crucial scenes. You may be left with tears, you may be left with a frown, you may be left cross or you may just be left emotionless... If only things could have been different.

Reviewed by chrisam5671 10 / 10 / 10

Eungyo-A Muse

What to say about this movie?First let me say that there are not enough reviews for Korean cinema in my opinion.I an a HUGE fan of Asian cinema,and I wish everyone could see just how good it is!The main aspect I noticed in this movie was "Humanity"in all it's beauty.And this is Korean Cinema in it's finest!The fragility of youth,age,and love is portrayed so artfully is what makes this movie so strong!There were scenes that were so real,even in dreaminess that they took my breath away.The main character"Eungyo"was beautiful without even knowing it.When the movie ended,after a while of silence,and wiping my tears I felt this movie deserved a review,and that I had to honour the creation of it.It's a movie I will never forget,and I was deeply touched.

Reviewed by nastiapoof 10 / 10 / 10

You must feel this film to see it.

" Roethke referred to getting old as wearing the leaden weight of what I did not do. Just as your youth is not a prize for your efforts, my agedness is not a penalty for my faults." This film explores poetry in a way people understand poetry, some feel it , the way they see things becomes poetry. Age is not a punishment for something one did , they shouldn't carry the weight of inadequacy when feeling same things they did when they were young. Human connection shouldn't have expiration date . I like how this film shows human nature what one doesn't understand one wants to destroy and it saddens me , jealousy is nothing but destruction.Youth that lacks experience and modesty that is acquired with age.I like how this film by carefully selected visuals portrays feelings that you couldn't put into words , it has beautiful aesthetics. The whole film is masterpiece. Honesly i feel like any words i could try to select pale in comparison to this film i feel like you need to see it to know what i meant :}

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