A Night Without Armor


Drama / Romance

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by bobpaule 9 / 10 / 10

Strong emotions and principles battle it out.

I was not going to write, but I was shocked by the negative review on this movie, so I had to react. Finding the strength to endure and stand true to your loved ones, especially not abandoning one's children, while finding support in the most unexpected places...this is the message of this movie. You can see the clash of instincts and principles, the slow to develop but then strong bond between the characters, the forbidden passion boiling inside, and then the strong attraction to another reality part of which is also symbolized in the small item they exchange, which is the token of a bond as strong as family. BEAUTIFUL movie, A+ to the director and cast, such a masterpiece drama in 4 acts. If you are married non-fundamentalist with a few kids and have retained a few working brain cells and doubts, watch this movie, it will really get you thinking, and it will not end on the night you watch it either. In other words, if you have a beating heart and do not suffer from Asperger's or was raised in a closet, this movie is for you.

Reviewed by eskrigian 9 / 10 / 10

what a nice NIGHT

I didn't expect much from this film. it's a low budget indie and in my experience often times these movies don't have much to offer. If you're looking for blood, gore or nudity, this isn't the one. instead, it's a smart drama with limited locations (1 basically), lean dialogue for the most part, and no faces that you'll recognize - which is where the beauty lies. the actors took the film to a place few art films go. OK, a few scenes were too long, I think, and the dialogue could've used a bit of tweaking in a few places, but the cinematography was so impressive, editing, sound, and even the background score was right on target. a recommend for sure tho it is a slow burner and may take two sittings to watch the whole thing - but do, the ending is worth the wait and not one I expected.

Reviewed by Andre266929 9 / 10 / 10

Great movie!

It's very interesting that 99% of this movie is literally one scene: it's one conversation between two people with two different life perspectives (it's a man and a woman, you can't get any more different than that, right?). I loved how the dialogue starts off casual and progresses to a sort of exchange between hope and hopelessness. It's a beautiful film about two human beings who in one conversation challenge each other and at the same time inspire each other. Jacob Fishel and Pepper Binkley put on outstanding performances.

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