A Rainy Day in New York


Comedy / Romance

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Elle Fanning as Mei Kusakabe
Jude Law as Rory O'Hara
Rebecca Hall as Tina
Selena Gomez as Carter
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Julie_in_ams 8 / 10 / 10

A rainy day in NY - or Everything I wish happened to me in one single day!

Nothing too surprising. This is Woody Allen in Manhattan. "A rainy day in New York" came to me as a rather naive and refreshing way of doing what W Allen does. Gastby and Ashleigh question what they are and what they are becoming. They do that - to my perception - through the eyes of someone of their age. They think but do not overthink. Action immediately follows. They do not get lost in doubts and do not have to deal with an ego bigger than them. They act, they feel, they learn and repeat. They have so much to learn from that one day. I found all three young characters likeable and empowered, and the actors on top of their game (Timothee Chalamet, Elle Fanning and Selena Gomez). I would have loved to spend that day by their side The rain never bothered me anyways.

Reviewed by ingmarbeldman-753-927212 10 / 10 / 10

No-brainer, carried by superbly funny dialogues

The script has not a real story, but that fact is almost a statement to show that a film can and may be dialogue-driven. When Tarantino was stupid enough to let every catchy dialogue slip out of his last film, Allen must have caught those lines and let his actors Rock and Roll with them. Ellen Fanning. Did I know her? No. Do I want to know her forever now? Yes! The two or three scenes where she has monologues are already legendary. And if she keeps her mouth shut, she still completely dominates the frame. NY... 'She' does not easily combine with "melancholic", but Woody Allen is able to show and exploit that side of this city. Love it. No one else is so capable of visualizing the love you can have for this city. Allen does not often sink through the 'class' his dialogues already have, to really expose underlying emotions in a more raw way. A lot often remains wrapped in infectious and very erudite - Jewish - humor. But at the very end of this movie actress Cherry Jones has the opportunity to cause goosebumps on my arms in a short, gripping monologue that digs up those emotions. It is proof of the total control that Allen has over his profession over the years. Just like the entire movie. A control that shows itself in a total release of the material, as if this film was recorded in one take of pure improvisation. Great movie!

Reviewed by mirla60 10 / 10 / 10

Woody Allen as I love his movies

As soon as I heard about this latst movie we went, I am from Amsterdam, Holland, it is playing in 4 cinemas, in Amsterdam alone and most were sold out out this afternoon ( rainy sunday in Amsterdam) to say I enjoyed the movie is putting it milldly, I absolutely loved it, it was well translated, I ampractically bilingueal, born Dutch but psnet many years in England. It was old fashioned WA (, the dialogues were clever, funny and intelligent; the plot was fine, more to it than meets the eye/ 10/10 from me !

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