A Regular Woman


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Radu_A 5 / 10 / 10

As subtle as a hammer on the head - watch "When we leave" instead

Sibel Kekilli played a character inspired by Sürücü in the 2010 movie "When we leave", which was infinitely better than this one. That film's director Feo Aladag is herself of migrant origin, whereas Sherry Hormann is German and mostly known for television and romantic comedies. This explains the distinct lack of subtlety. "A regular Woman" has an artificial feel, whereas "When we leave" is a deep psychological view of a woman who has to go through such an ordeal. Kekilli's performance is the strongest of her career - she was cast for "Game of Thrones" after that - and mirrors her own life (she is of Kurdish origin, and her family cut her loose when she left the house). The actress here lacks charisma and goes through the motions like performing on a high school stage. As someone who lived in Berlin and had many Turkish friends and relationships, I can confirm that everything in this film is factually true. It does, however, leave out the accompanying factors of this situation. For instance, the Kurds are a particularly close-knit community because of their persecution in Turkey; since Kurdish was forbidden in public use, there has been no higher education in that language. That explains why migrant Kurds often appear particularly traditional. Also, religious fanaticism is a way for them to connect to other Sunni Muslim expats who otherwise resent them, like Turkish nationalists. Given that the film does show how indoctrination in German mosques happens, this is a missed opportunity - one of many. All in all, "A Regular Woman" recounts an important story in a lackluster, box-checking way that does not do Hatun Sürücü's legacy justice. There is a German phrase to describe well-meant, but overly zealous and therefore ineffective measures - "Holzhammermethode", using a wooden hammer. It sums up this film quite appropriately.

Reviewed by medfair 10 / 10 / 10

A great movie about terrible fate of a woman who leaves islam

I went to see it prepared for a standard protest movie, a corny. I left the theater angry, upset, horrified, and also elated. I was angry, horrified, appalled by the incredibly cruel, backward, and woman-hating slant of orthodox Islam. Although the movie follows the fate of Aynoor, the heroine who is murdered by her youngest brother to defend the "honor" of her family, the fate of the whole family follows a Greek tragedy course and curse, the curse of kowtowing to the ruthless, paternalistic religion that makes both the real victim and the perpetrators into victims .In the end, Aynoor dies because of love. She could have moved away, escaped her family. Or she could have actively involved the police in her plight. She did not do it because she loved her family and, despite all the evidence for the opposite, tried again and again to heal the wound between her, her parents, and her siblings. I was also elated because the movie was made so well. Professionally competent, terse, often understated, with excellent acting and directing throughout. And another cause to be elated - criticism of religion and ethnic lifestyles is not PC. The creators of this docudrama decided to take the risk and bring the terrible clash between Western humanistic values and those of immigrant fundamentalist Moslems into the public domain. Lets hope that the movie will prevent another death.

Reviewed by varanasilover 10 / 10 / 10


This movie made me so angry! It is heartbreaking when you see how this woman tries to get into her own life and the patriarchal family destroys everything. Great acting and cinematography feel like you are part of the story. A must watch.

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