A Second Chance: Rivals!

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Reviewed by philalethes-85721 5 / 10 / 10

wasted possibilities

Upfront alert: I'm 75, cineamaphile who has seen movies go through many stages My father was cinematographer so maybe I am a snob. The most exciting part of a movie like this is watching the form and skill of the girls as gymnasts. But the fluidity of this was constantly RUINED by framing too close so we can't see the full body; then adding insult to injury, they would go into split screen so we had TWO gymnasts at the same time: both of them framed badly. I remember MTV and all the quick cuts. But WHY? Is everyone on Ritalin now? Who shot this? Someones cousin on their cellphone? pull back man. And slow down. More long shots, more slo mo. This was a disservice to the girls. Adding to the irritation was the "music" which was loops played over and over, samples you could trigger with one finger. Silence would be better. The "actors" are amateurs so I guess this is low budget. Less is more kids. Predictable plot too: gosh, let's see. Snotty city kids put down country kids. O gee I wonder....?? will the underdogs come back to win? Wish I could answer that (except to be willing to bet they DO, of course!). I turned it off midway.

Reviewed by amorant-23101 10 / 10 / 10

Watch This movie

What a great movie. From start to finish it kept you watching . Its a wonderful aussie film with spirit and passion . Bravo

Reviewed by cassmc03 10 / 10 / 10


Clever writing and great for gymnastics fans. Even if you are not into gymnastics, it makes you wish you were! One of the best so far.

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