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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by miffysellers 8 / 10 / 10

very funny indeed

Not only is Andrew Hawley totally delicious, but I found this film hilarious at last year's EIFF. Andrew was a really great fish out of water in the brothel environment, and his facial expressions reacting to the things he sees and hears really made me laugh. My favourite character was the brothel manager Leo, he makes a totally evil and creepy brothel manager, and the way he treats the girls is utterly disgusting and very realistic. I also loved how the darkness of the sauna environment was also contrasted with slapstick throughout the film, whether from the Curry Tom character, the girls and their punters, or the grunting and groaning in the gym. Rab's monologues put Frank Gallagher's monologues in Shameless to shame. Great stuff indeed.

Reviewed by annathallon 10 / 10 / 10

Total surprise

This film was a total surprise for me. I didn't see how you could make a comedy set in a whorehouse funny due to the subject matter, but it worked and what I liked about this film, was that it felt quite raw and realistic. I think I was expecting it to be like a Meet the Parents gag after gag film but instead it felt like a snapshot of something that could have happened. Rather than be a 'film', it almost felt like a rough and ready documentary of someone's reality. One minute quite serious and heavy, the next ridiculously comical the way I suppose real life is. For instance, the uncle telling vivid stories of his exploits, and his nephew Justin just innocently trying to get by, but kind of putting his foot in it the whole time because of his naivety. What I also liked was it didn't pretend being a hooker was any sort of picnic. I didn't realize in Scotland, I suppose like Las Vegas, the whorehouses are legal to keep the women safe. Anyway, definitely 8 out of ten and worth a watch.

Reviewed by p-travs 10 / 10 / 10

An outrageously funny and intense ride of epic proportions!

A hilarious insight into Edinburgh's seedy sex world of brothels. Fresh outspoken comedy at it's fullest with a dash of grit and a drizzle of seriously sexy women. The characters in this movie will have you rolling around your seats with laughter and keep you on the edge with suspense. Being an Edinburg o myself i felt I could relate to the characters well and was intrigued by their hilarious tales of foreign adventures, transvestites and extravagant chases from the police down Leith walk. I like a film that not only makes me laugh but sustains a level of dramatic intensity throughout and 'A Spanking In Paradise' delivers in every scene. The lead character Justin is portrayed ever so well by Andrew Hawley and every step he takes deeper into the underground world of Edinburgh, you feel you are there with him. Sit back and relax as your about to get a spanking!

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