A Talking Cat!?!


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by bps3013 1 / 10 / 10

Just kill me now.

I defy anyone to make it through this direct to video disaster in one sitting. I know I couldn't. There is nothing, NOTHING even remotely redeemable about this mess. Zero production values, a canned and looped music score that would be far more fitting for interrogations of enemies of the state, painful performances from has been's (WTF how desperate were Kristine DeBell and Johnny Whittaker in order for them to debase themselves like this?!) along with a talentless cast of young up and comers, and -the coup de gras- the most unbelievable "talking cat" effect you will ever see. This entire video (I refuse to call it a movie) is an endurance test for only the most brave of souls. Your rage will set in after the first fifteen minutes, and from there on out it's a battle of wills to see who will emerge victorious. Many have tried. All have perished. Consider this your only warning.

Reviewed by edibley 1 / 10 / 10

The cat on the poster isn't the cat in the movie

The cat on the movie poster is not the same as the cat in the movie, but otherwise this movie is perfect. I would have given it a perfect 10 stars but I don't like that the poster shows a cat that is cute and young in an awkward pose but the cat in the movie is never really very awkward and is older, but it is still a cute cat so don't worry you won't be subjected to an ugly cat just one that is different from the one in the movie. Eric Roberts demonstrates a broad range of emotions, from being annoyed by "beeping machines" to seriously loving on some food, but when I rented this movie I was expecting to hear his voice attached to the cat on the poster, and when it was instead a different cat with Eric Roberts' voice, I felt a little bit thrown off. Watch this movie a lot of times. Also, I'm working on a poster that is more representative of the cat from the actual movie and when it's ready I'll update my review and post it here. BE WARNED: THE CAT IS CUTE, BUT NOT THE CAT ON THE POSTER!!!?!!!

Reviewed by Xenomaster 1 / 10 / 10

All you need to know about this "movie"

I recently watched this "film" for my podcast, where we solely review awful movies. I painstakingly sat through it twice with a stopwatch and timed all of the runtime of the movie spent on establishing shots (there are FIFTY-SEVEN OF THEM), credits, and shots of the cat lying or waddling around. This sums up the movie better than anything: Between the credits, establishing shots, and shots of the cat, those all take up THIRTY PERCENT OF THE 83-MINUTE RUNTIME. I have never seen a movie that so blatantly pads its runtime with scenery. And what's scarier than that is that there are literally dozens of instances (that I didn't time with the stopwatch) where the human characters are shown doing nothing but sitting and looking at things for several minutes at a time, or walking up stairs, or standing and looking at random objects. It is pathetic how poorly edited and shot this movie is. Literally nothing happens in this movie. If you don't believe me, go see it. You'll go cross-eyed before you ever find anything resembling a plot. If this thing was competently made just from a sheer editing standpoint, it would be 4 minutes long...if that.

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