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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by donvyt 1 / 10 / 10

Not a documentary. More marketing than anything else.

What a royal waste of time! Were we expected to be enlightened with disparate snapshots of slightly related events with absolutely no clear evidence of any journalistic activity? Their entitled millennial workforce, none of whom are witnesses to history, have now developed a sense of self-importance by their mere affiliation. Trying on clothes, getting a haircut, idle chit-chat on the way to the podium; have they no footage of actual news-gathering or investigative journalism activities to fulfill their runtime obligation? Besides, all parties are portrayed with no one's integrity intact. What's the whole point? If this is the story of the Filipino, I will see you all on the other side, wherever that may be.

Reviewed by j_susvilla 1 / 10 / 10

A Propaganda

If you come to expect a comprehensive, unbiased look on the Philippine situation under Duterte and why Maria Ressa is passionately abhored by many in the Philippines but adored by the Liberal outsiders, you'll be disappointed. The film essentially depicts Maria Ressa as the victim in the populist (for some reason that word has a negative connotation when Ressa uses it) Duterte's Philippines. It follows Maria Ressa's life whilst in action in the newsroom or away to make a speech upon receiving Liberal-pushed awards and distinctions abroad. It also shows how her sort of relationship with Duterte turned sour from the months leading up to the elections where Rappler supposedly helped Duterte win to years into his presidency where Rappler becomes supposedly the target of verbal attacks of the President. It shows interviews also of Duterte's prominent supporters who helped him win, almost intentionally depicted as if to lack the venerability the film pushes Maria Ressa and her minions to possess. That's when you find it's a propaganda, practically aimed at convincing the Filipinos and clueless outsiders to side with Maria Ressa. I would have wanted to see a more in depth look at the life of Maria Ressa that's also not dismissive of the bad. A few explorations on the opposing narrative to give the film credibility would have been nice. I would have wanted interviews from the likes of ThinkingPinoy to balance it all out. I would have wanted splices of her speeches abroad where she was quoted to be supposedly lying included. I would have wanted the merits of her cases discussed as opposed to just her categorically declaring she is under attack by the Duterte gov't. I would have wanted to see how her supposedly twisted narratives make her one of the most hated personalities in the Philippines. I would have wanted to see interviewed the Manila Times columnist Roberto Tiglao who wrote many exposés about Maria Ressa. But no, it's the Philippines under Duterte in the eyes of Maria Ressa and those who sympathize with her. It is a "Maala-ala Mo Kaya" for Maria Ressa. Hardly objective. Hardly comprehensive. Hardly unbiased. Hardly honest. A big Liberal propaganda.

Reviewed by reinzarandona 1 / 10 / 10

With a free press comes a grave responsibility to report the truth and uphold ethics.

You defame the integrity of a private person and claim to be a journalist. Shame on you Maria Ressa. You can never be one. You're a disgrace. The issue is not about freedom of speech. It's too much of it.

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