A Valentine's Date


Comedy / Family / Romance

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January 27, 2021



Elisa Donovan as Laura Connors
Fred Willard as Paul
John Schneider as Dr. Holden
Tom Skerritt as Jack Connors
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by boblipton 6 / 10 / 10

Seems Like Old Times

Elisa Donovan and her on screen daughter live in New York where she is a high-powered executive with an important deal on. However, when her husband, from whom she is separated, sues for shared custody, she has to fly back to Texas to deal with the legal technicalities. This perfectly ordinary and by-the-numbers romantic comedy, is considerably enlivened by a fine cast of long-time professionals, who manage to keep things bubbling along nicely. Cinematographer Kobi Zaig-Mendez consistently finds beautiful ways to shoot the frame, not only the people, but the backgrounds. Although nothing in this movie will surprise you as novel and brilliant, there is more than enough in this to keep the watcher occupied.

Reviewed by jirsigler 9 / 10 / 10

Wish I knew the music

I wish that I could find out where I can get the songs in this movie. The music is truly amazing! I love country music especially like in this movie. This is one amazing country movie and it's for all ages. I rate this 9 out 10, because it's just plain amazing. If you want to teach children about importance of love and marriage show them this movie, it got amazing lessons. It is Christian movie but doesn't push Christian values too much. And girls who loves horses, will love this movie. I would've chosen a different actor for Darren, maybe even a country singer like Garth Brooks. I am in hope that maybe there is a soundtrack or at least someone can tell me what are the songs. =D

Reviewed by patriciah777 9 / 10 / 10

Soundtrack available???

Great movie, but I don't want to purchase the DVD, only the SOUNDTRACK!! Everywhere I've looked, others are saying the same thing. Hey guys, there's a market out here; how do we get the product?? Amazon is offering the title song by other artists, and who is the artist anyway? Or you can buy a DVD of the movie, but not the SOUNDTRACK, with the artists who sing in the movie. So tell us, WHERE CAN WE BUY THE SOUNDTRACK???????????????????? For instance, who is the woman who sings during the post-church segment, and what is the title of the song she's singing? I've never heard it before. Opening credit for the music is given to Venezuela born Andres Boulton, but, in the early credits, no mention is made of the artists, and Hallmark credits following their movies are too small to read. I also think the requirement for this site of 10 lines is RIDICULOUS!! I could easily have said all I needed to in 2-3 lines.

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