A Walk in the Spring Rain


Drama / Romance

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Anthony Quinn as Dr. David Rivera
Fritz Weaver as Roger Meredith
Tom Holland as Arvin Russell
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by bkoganbing 6 / 10 / 10

Passion in the Great Smokies

A Walk In The Spring Rain has Fritz Weaver and Ingrid Bergman as a college professor of political science going on sabbatical in the Great Smokey Mountains of Eastern Tennessee. Him for peace and quiet for a year so he can publish rather than perish, she for a little time away from being a mom, grandmother, and babysitter not necessarily in that order. They take a cottage and the local handyman is Anthony Quinn doing a Smokey Mountain version of Zorba the Greek. He's married to psalm singing Virginia Gregg and she's no fun. Quinn has a son in Tom Holland who like his dad takes his action where he finds it. The educated Bergman intrigues Quinn and he gives all kinds of hints as to his availability. But this one is doomed for all kinds of reasons. I'm all for romantic stories with older protagonists and Quinn and Bergman fit the bill. The stars get good support from the rest of the cast. This is Bergman and Quinn's second film together and they acquit themselves well. Still it won't be listed among the best for either.

Reviewed by JLRMovieReviews 6 / 10 / 10

Ingrid and Anthony, Sitting in a Tree....

Ingrid Bergman goes with her husband Fritz Weaver, a college professor, off to the country in the winter in order for him to write a textbook. They are welcomed by Anthony Quinn, who takes an instant liking to her, despite the fact he's already married. And, the viewer can tell she likes the attention. In fact, she even encourages him. Due to her husband's absorption in his own world of writing the book, she has felt neglected, and Anthony succeeds in making her feel special. There's the usual feelings for each other and guilt involved: hello there; oh, no; well maybe; no no. But what makes this special is of course Ingrid Bergman's exquisite acting and the inspired casting of her and Quinn, who make a very passionate pairing. (They had been in "The Visit" together, but that was nothing like this.) Also, there's the subplot of his son not liking her at all and a total unexpected development. But, what makes this even more mature and realistic is the relationship between Ingrid and her daughter. She wants Ingrid to come home so Ingrid can babysit her grandson and she can finally follow her dream of going back to school to better herself. Obviously, Ingrid doesn't want to leave Anthony. Why should she leave, when she's so happy? The heated argument between them at the kitchen table, about the double standard for women and mothers and how they are fulfilled or not fulfilled by a devoted home life, isn't likely to be forgotten by the viewer, especially for mothers and daughters. Ultimately, what follows is handled very well and is likely to make a lasting impression on the film's female viewers. If you've never seen Ingrid take "A Walk in the Spring Rain," then treat yourself to this unknown and very underrated film of hers and enjoy the seasons with one of the best actresses ever.

Reviewed by bills-398-734884 6 / 10 / 10

An Interesting but sadly disappointing misfire

(I talk around spoilers so my reviews are spoilish sometimes.) I've seen a zillion movies. Like you I know all the big names of big directors. Love movies by Kubrick, Spielberg, Woody Allen -- the classics. But for some reason my wife and I really bonded with two movies by a director we had never heard of: Guy Green. In our living room hang two framed pictures of LIGHT IN THE PIAZZA and A PATCH OF BLUE. Guy Green's best films, the latter a masterwork. My wife loves Piazza. She's not alone. It's been turned into a musical. My heart is with PATCH. Both movies are about people finding each other that desperately need each other. I just joined FILMSTRUCK -- an online streaming version of TCM. It offered up this film, Guy Green's A WALK IN THE SPRING RAIN. Had to see it. Again -- we have two people finding each other -- but this time the desperation isn't so desperate. Ingrid and Anthony aren't utterly alone. They're married. So it's the land of infidelity this time -- which is an entire different ball of wax that PIAZZA and PATCH. One of the other reviewers on this page touched upon a central problem. Almost everyone in this cast was miscast. Quinn simply doesn't pull of a Tennessee mountain man. He's CLEARLY someone who moved to these mountains from Europe and it could have taken all of 2 minutes of dialog to fix this central flaw. It would have helped the story as well -- to learn he was more of a traveler type but that got stuck because of his wife and kid. The actor playing his son? Beach boy from Malibu. Quinn's wife? They overdid her Christian country backwards thing. We simply don't believe he'd 'settle' for her based upon his reaction to Ingrid. I mean if he's such a man of the world and elements what attracted him about this doorknob of a person? Contrived. Another reviewer above mentioned how 'pushy' Quinn is. And it's true. Out of the gate he makes it clear he'd do Ingrid. Practically in front of her husband. And so we cringe half the time in this movie. You even had to wonder if he was going to rape her -- considering how pushy he was in his flirting. And so Quinn is where this entire feature misfires. He's doing a fine job of being himself but the script forgot to write him in properly. And there was absolutely no nuance here that is all over the similar and way better BRIDGES OF MADISON COUNTY. If you told me BRIDGES was offered as a rewrite of this I'd believe you. No, seriously. Do you remember the last scene in BRIDGES? It spoils nothing to say there's a lot of rain. Well... where's the rain in this movie? THE WALK IN THE SPRING RAIN? Nowhere. Did it get edited out? I suspect that pivotal scene where Ingrid walks up that sandy road was where the rain was supposed to be. Maybe they were counting on rain which never showed and had no money to fake it. But then why call this movie that poetic title without delivering the visual poetry. I mean what if BRIDGES didn't actually show you any bridges? Right? This bumpiness hampers what could have been a far better movie. It's not so bad as to avoid. And it's better than most movies today in many ways. That's the kind of bumpiness that's here.

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