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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by folkpoet80 9 / 10 / 10

Fascinating Tale without any unwanted masala

It does not surprise me that the so-called critics did not think much of this movie. I think it's just the times we're living in - movies such as Aashayein fare poorly at the box office because majority of the people neither have the patience nor have the IQ to watch such movies. This is the 3rd movie of John Abraham I have watched after Kabul Express and New York, and he has just continued to show what a tremendous actor he is. Despite his other masala movies, he seems to find an off-beat movie and leaves his mark. Anaitha Nair acted excellently in a role that was very different than her role in Chak De India. She fit greatly in her role of a hospice patient. Supporting cast of Farida Jalal and Girish Karnad filled in their roles well. The little boy Ashwin Chitale's role was mystic and portrayed well. Music was by and large melodious and lyrics were fresh (change to today's bollywood junk). Ab Mujhko Jeena, Shukriya Zindagi, Chala Aya Pyar were the best tracks and rest were good too. I'm rating this movie 10/10 easily simply based on the fact that I can watch it again. Must see for serious movie fans that enjoy a strong story line and sensible movies.

Reviewed by Hash100 10 / 10 / 10

Painful to watch a great movie

Out of the many shiny bollywood masalla action packed, brainless plots and pointless movies, here comes a treat to watch. John Abraham is getting better everyday in bollywood and I assume the day is not far when he will stand with the top line of bollywood. I don't know but he is the only actor I feel who gives a strange feeling of belongingness to the masses. Anyway ! About the movie.. It's a story of a dying man and his experiences after wards. (Full Stop! Find out the whole of it in the movie). This is a very touchy and sensitive subject and the way it was portrayed in the movie is the brilliance of the Production team. No fun intended, no typical bollywood happy-happy moments, Its a movie with hard facts and human emotions and PAIN. It's a difficult movie to watch because of the pain and hopelessness it carry. Throughout the movie you will be in pain and misery for the characters. And that credit goes to non other then John himself and the new talent portrayed in the character of Padma. They managed to transfer the agony to the viewers and that's the 'job-done'. With out a doubt this is the best ever performance by john Abraham as he himself claimed it in a TV show interview recently that people would be stunned to see the performance and they sure do! The music number 'shukrya zindagi' is very well pasted in the film at different moments when 'needed' (no pointless bollywood songs at least in this movie). And why an 8 for a movie which deserves at least 9? Yeah the Indiana Johnes segments (Dreams). This would have been a much better treat to watch without those scenes and the story should have focused more on the realities of life, but anyway still no hard feelings for a great movie. By the way this is not your weekend reliever and a pop corn flick!! As a whole it's a very serious movie and not many people would like to watch it (sorry for that John). But those who have a taste of such movies would definitely remember this one for a long time. Aashayein.. Yeah!

Reviewed by anuranjan-kgp 10 / 10 / 10

very depressing

I watched this movie because I like John Abraham and kind of liked some of it's songs, and I am literally thrilled after watching this movie. I agree that many things didn't go well in this movie like writing part, cinematography part and in some of the scenes acting was clumsy too but the overall impact of the movie was very intense. I don't know that is it a rumor but some of the sources claimed that John and Nagesh Kuknoor(director) didn't charge at all for this movie as the subject was beyond economics. Padma(Anaitha Nair) was the cream of the movie and she enlightened the screen every time she appeared, I hope she will get more project like this. Sonal Sehgal got the more publicity then Anaitha Nair although her appearance and impact was low, and I personally enjoyed the on-screen chemistry between John and Anaith. I recommend this movie as a must watch movie for everyone as it has a great message and elements concerning everyone

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