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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by BloedEnMelk 9 / 10 / 10

Slow and atmospheric creeper makes for a pretty impressive experience.

I do not really understand why the average rate of Absentia is so low. Well, maybe I do understand, if you watch this horror with the expectations that you get a fast paced gore filled typical horror movie, you will be disappointed. Absentia is a slow one, and it basically has no real gore. So just skip it if that's what you are going for, and save this little gem the downrates which it really doesn't deserve. Now, that having sad, Absentia has something different to offer. It's not per say in the storyline itself, which, when you read it, doesn't seem too original. What it's got to offer is mainly in the mood. The soundtrack, which is relatively minimum, really adds to the claustrophobic and depressing atmosphere. The acting is well done, realistic and believable, and the characters are well worked out and take the plot to a higher level. There are some weird things in the plot that make you wonder what is really going on. It gives the perfect sense of mystery, never fully explaining it, but definitely enough to leave you satisfied. I found Absentia more of an experience, though it doesn't come short to the story at all. Things may or may not make sense, and you might wonder a couple of times how much comes to perception and how much of it is really happening, it doesn't take anything away from the story or from the mood. It only adds to it. I was a bit reluctant when I put the DVD into my player but all my doubts faded away within the first minutes. The movie is perfectly shot, everything just works really really well. I am very pleasantly surprised and think it certainly belongs to one of the best horror movies of 2011. The only bad thing I have to say about it is that a few times I found it hard to follow the dialogue (mumbling) and had to rewind to listen to it again. Watch it if you get the chance, and if you like horror which crawls deeply under your skin. Do not watch it if you want action and gore.

Reviewed by Michael Ledo 8 / 10 / 10

Can you see me

Callie (Katie Parker) and Tricia (Courtney Bell) are sisters. Callie is a former drug addict who has traveled quite a bit. She can spout off about "dark matter" and "tangential universes." Tricia's husband Daniel(Morgan Peter Brown) has been missing for seven years. She is having him declared dead in absentia. She is also pregnant (do the math) and odds on favorite the kid will be as bald as Detective Mallory (Dave Levine) the man investigating the case. Callie comes to visit her sister as the fateful day of declaring Daniel dead has arrived. She will help her sister move on. Callie likes to jog and when she does, she passes under a tunnel located under the highway. As she does, odd things start to happen. Like a good horror/mystery/thriller it starts out slow and builds up. There are a few negatives on this film, first and foremost was the soundtrack. It was second tier all the way, especially during those sad scenes which ran way too long. There were a number of times I thought Courtney Bell forgot what role she was playing. And the third thing was the boom mike visible in the upper right hand corner in a midway scene that involves Callie walking into the bathroom. While the actual image on the DVD cover did not appear in this feature it was thematically correct. Since the DVD box didn't say anything more about the plot, I won't spoil it because it is worth a view. If you enjoy odd missing persons films, you might like, "Yellow Brick Road" which I though was superior to this story. F-bombs, no sex or nudity.

Reviewed by no-lolita-683-244070 8 / 10 / 10

Really Creepy!

Absentia was a big surprise, actually one of the better horror movies I've seen in a while. Not a typical creature feature, perhaps more of a psychological thriller... you really don't get introduced to what is hiding in the dark, only given just enough of a suggestion to make your hair stand on end and get that imagination working overtime. The story is intriguing, and suspenseful at all the right moments, and the ending was perfect! Great acting, decent script, plausible characters. I will watch this one again some time.

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