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Gwendoline Christie as Titania / Hippolyta
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by guy_in_oxford 2 / 10 / 10

Absolutely dreadful

When a minor character has the one funny bit out of the entire film, you know it wasn't written well. One line, out of the entire film, was funny. Bo and Marshall are especially terrible, thanks to the script. They shined in a prior bit, with the televangelism. Too bad they're given nothing of value to work with this time. Lumley is wonderful but she's given nothing funny to say or do. Even the bits she does have are often completely recycled. The entire thing seems like a long commercial for a film that is going to be made sometime in the future, when Saunders decides to care enough to work at it like she once did, long ago. I have written funnier (prototype) AbFab scripts myself in practically no time. How much time did Saunders put into this? 15 minutes? The format has nothing to do with the TV series. As I said, it's like a long commercial — a trailer masquerading as a movie. The filming is all very pretty and glamorous but nothing interesting happens. All the characters are looking back at themselves, obliquely, instead of charging forward into new development. Lumley clearly is begging for a vehicle for her enthusiasm and talent. I can write one; Saunders cannot. It's bizarre, too — because at her peak she was the better writer. The original series, except for the last episode or two, was so brilliant. Aside from the aforementioned singular funny line, which aged badly upon seeing the film a second time — there was one scene-stealing bit of body language humor from an even more minor character. Too bad that the scene collapsed into bad writing in short order.

Reviewed by Reno Rangan 6 / 10 / 10

A guide to how to get away with a murder!

I have never seen the original television series, but I came across and found it interesting to try, only to realise in my watch that it was not what I thought of it. Yeah, definitely my disadvantage was that I didn't know the characters, the universe and all the basics. Those who loved the show might enjoy it better, since they know what to expect from it. I was like looking for a proper intro. The introduction of everything, as I'm not familiar with anything out of it. But it did not come, the story just went on and on from the opening itself. I was confused what's going on, who is who and et al. It took almost half of the film to be comfortable with the scenario of the tale. Once I was there, I thought it was funny in places, yet I did not feel like to have a laugh. Again, I blame myself for missing out the fun for not knowing them very well. It never occurred to me before. I have seen many films that proceeded by its television series which I haven't seen. It looked short and the pace was excellent, so I did not get bored, except not getting the overall film properly. Otherwise, I would have rated it better. I think the people like me should be careful while picking it. Other than that it is an okay film, not a bad film. 5/10

Reviewed by blanche-2 6 / 10 / 10

It's only really bad if you paid $12 to see it in the theater

"Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie" from 2016 stars Jennifer Saunders and Joanna Lumley - who else - and the rest of the cast from the TV show. Edwina (Saunders) is accused of pushing Kate Moss into the river, and probably killing her, during a party. Then Edwina and Patsy are afraid they've killed Bubble (Jane Horrocks) in yet another drowning, so they decide to leave the country. There is already a nationwide search for Edwina for Kate Moss' murder. They go to Cannes, taking Saffy's daughter Lola with them because she has credit cards. Patsy's plan is to look up a wealthy beau (Barry Humphries) from years ago and convince him to get married. Things take a decided left turn. There are many funny things in this movie - it's really for fans of the show, and if you're British it's even better, because many of the guest stars are famous in Britain and not here. If I'd paid $12 to see this, I would have been mighty disappointed, so I can understand the bad reviews. The cast is terrific, it was wonderful to see them all again, and Edwina's speech at the end is priceless. The guest stars don't add much, and as a feature film, it doesn't make it. This is a slightly longer TV episode with lots of guest stars thrown in, and that's about it.

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