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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by chriscdymond 9 / 10 / 10

By no means a cheesy film!

Do not be fooled into thinking that Accion Mutante is merely a darkly humorous schlock space-horror-action movie. It aggressively and successfully attacks 'decent' society, the media and the action movie genre itself in equal measures and still manages to be genuinely funny, shocking and surprising. Paul Verhoeven has been trying to make a film like this for years, but in my opinion has never got close. Mutante is pure Science Fiction (and I mean SF *not* Sci-Fi) - deadly anti-bourgeois social commentary wrapped in a delicious coating of blood, sugar and intergalactic terrorism. Nice one!

Reviewed by Fles 8 / 10 / 10

Fabulously twisted sci-fi comedy

Accion Mutante are a group of disabled terrorists who think of themselves as mutants and who see their mission as being to rid the world of pretty people and superficiality. Unfortunately, they are quite fabulously inept at what they do, and they are totally mistrusting of each other (with good cause, it turns out!) This film is a comic masterpiece: the direction is a cinematic treat and the more times you watch it, the better it gets. To give you an idea of just how impressed I was, I rented the film once and then went back to the rental shop and bought that copy from them. If you enjoy off-beat, quirky movies that defy genre then you're going to love this; if you don't enjoy such eccentric celluloid expeditions then you may surprise yourself by enjoying this anyway. I can assure you that it'll be unlike anything you've seen before - go on, take a chance.

Reviewed by Red-Barracuda 8 / 10 / 10

Uneven, but crazed, sci-fi comedy

Accion Mutante is the debut feature from cult director Álex de la Iglesia. It incorporates the absurd comedy with violence template that he seems to have followed throughout the rest of his career. Also like others in his filmography such as The Last Circus and Witching and Bitching, this one starts out really well but loses a bit of steam in the final third. It's set in the future, where a terrorist group called Accion Mutante take violent action against rich hipsters and the superficially beautiful; their latest scheme sees them kidnap a society girl resulting in them being pursued to another planet by her mogul father who is bent on serious revenge. This one has a pretty modest budget so it has to be cut some slack. Nevertheless, it makes good use of its resources at times. In particular an early high society party scene was nicely done; it was colourful and garish in a way that showed the definite influence of Pedro Almodovar who actually was a producer here. This scene along with the earlier more directly satirical ones that showed news reports on the terrorists activities were the most successful and focused parts of the film. After this opening things become more run-of-the-mill and the black comedy becomes less pointed. Ultimately, Accion Mutante is one of those movies which probably isn't as good as you think it's going to be given the potential of the central idea. It's still fun though. Of additional note is an amusing rap-rock theme song that plays in the credits.

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