Act Naturally


Comedy / Drama

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by paladin235 8 / 10 / 10

Review from first screening in NYC

Act Naturally is about two sisters, one biological and one adopted, that first meet upon the death of their father. Leah Collins (played by Katie L. Hall, who also co-produced and co-wrote the movie) is the adopted daughter while Charlie Tillerman (Liz Lytle) plays the biological daughter. At the beginning of the movie Leah gets a call from Charlie. During their introductory call, Charlie tells Leah that her father has died, and that they have to take a road trip together from Florida to Arizona to claim their father's remains. When the two sisters arrive at their destination, they are both surprised to find themselves at a nudist resort. The women then discover that not only was their father secretly a nudist, but he also owned the resort! If that was not enough of a surprise, they soon find out that the nudist resort is their inheritance, which they now own. It seems like the only thing they can agree on is that neither one of the wants to take their clothes off, and that they both want to be done with this experience as soon as possible to get on with their lives. The resort staff recognize this discomfort, and try to get them feel as comfortable as possible in their new environment basically to keep sisters from selling or closing down the resort. Most of what I have described is the introduction and setup, while the remainder of the movie deals with a fish out of water style comedy as the two sisters deal with their new environment. The movie has both funny and serious moments. Some of the serious moments explore the characters who work at the resort, and their individual reasons for choosing to live in a nudist environment. As such I think it pretty much succeeds in one of its main goals to honestly depict a non exploitational story of who nudists really are, and how two non-nudist women adjust to an unexpected and forced immersion into a nude environment.

Reviewed by nicholasdcannan 5 / 10 / 10

A Great Start to Mainstreaming Nudity

While not the best film ever made, for independent with nudism as a central theme, it was very well put together. The reactions of the two non-nudist characters were very believable especially for an American audience which really helps to relate with. The only reason "Act Naturally" loses a star in my book is because of the sexualized nature of some of the plot especially around the open bar party scene. "Act Naturally" was most definitely written for those accustomed and okay with nudity with not much easing into the idea, but really, it's entertainment, not therapy. A good watch and recommended for repeat views.

Reviewed by Jenova_Project 5 / 10 / 10

Nice, pleasant film, nothing more nothing less

With all the films in Hollywood that glorify nudity as sexual, it's nice to watch a film that has more in common with the innocent Doris Wishman movies of the 60s than modern day porn flicks. I just wish that the film itself was as interesting as its premise. The story itself is quite low-key, and even boring at times given that stakes are quite low: Leah and Charlie want to sell the nudist resort, but the nudists want to keep it, so they try to convince them otherwise. They live fairly comfortable lives before they arrive, and the character arcs in which they go are quite contrived. The characters are all quite diverse, and the actors are all convincing in their parts. Yet, this doesn't yield as much drama as one would think. Leah and Charlie are both quite different characters, yet the actresses don't seem to have much chemistry together, and despite their different philosophies on life, don't particularly have interesting scenes together. In terms of technical specs, the cinematography and sound are satisfactory. It's an indie pic, so the low budget look of the film falls more in line with a hipster music video, which certainly aids the film's flat, laid-back feel. It's just a shame a location that is not typically seen much in film is not filmed to be more interesting. Above all, I think what really weighs the film down it that it's not particularly funny even though it's a comedy. The lines are not zingers (even with a gay character!), and it's hard to really laugh at the same joke over and over again. They're naked! The girls are uncomfortable! But, in the end, it's hard to be completely mad at the film. It's tone is quite pleasant, and the performances are pretty good. Just don't expect anything really earth shattering, given the subject matter.

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