Acts of Vengeance

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August 13, 2019


Antonio Banderas as Father Matt Gutierrez
Karl Urban as Detective Ruiney
Paz Vega as Elena Morales
Robert Forster as John Cassellis
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by timsharpe1 7 / 10 / 10

Pretty good film

I had mixed thoughts before watching this film after reading negative reviews, I have to say this movie turned out to be pretty decent. Antonio has made a comeback with an action film. A decent story line that keeps you watching. If you fancy something different other that watching your fav film over again, then watch this. Not bad at all.

Reviewed by stephenw-30180 6 / 10 / 10

Another Banderas action thriller

It seems Antonio Banderas is making a lot of movies of the same genre lately. This is not to say that's bad. I Think he does quite a good job as an "average man" tough guy. This film is no different, however, there are some exceptions. I gave this film a generous 7/10. Mostly because I am liking Banderas more and more of late and the plot of this film, although flimsy at times, is pretty good and fast paced. As in 90% of my reviews, I try to avoid spoilers at all costs as to not ruin it for future viewers. I will stick to that rule and simply talk about what I did and did not like about this film....first, this is a plot we have seen before but was done with some different twists and a solid unforeseeable outcome. Banderas' character is a man on a mission after the murder of his wife and daughter. He is a defense attorney with no fighting or "revenge" skills but learns them quickly as the police seem uninterested in finding the person/persons responsible. This is where He takes matters into his own hands. The film has some excellent choreographed fight scenes and the pace of the film is without boredom. However, the way our protagonist goes about learning how to become a "tough guy" is quite far out and unbelievable. Throughout the film, there are quotes regarding "revenge" from Marcus Aurelius' meditations, in six parts. Each act is then played out after the quote is read on screen. In summation: a worthwhile film with some good action scenes and a solid but familiar story line. Much of the fight scenes from Bandwras' perspective is unrealistic but entertaining. If you are a fan of the action/ thriller and revenge sub genre, you won't be disappointed. If your looking for something new and original, this film won't make the cut. It was not 90 minutes of boredom or a waste of time....

Reviewed by cynicsick 6 / 10 / 10

Typical revenge flick but the solid action makes up for it.

First thing I noticed at the beginning of the film was that it was very cheesy and poorly executed. The font title was laughable. This was like one of those 90's film where our leather-jacket-wearing hero would flip a broomstick in a kung-fu-ish manner before wedging it between the handles of a kitchen door type of movie. The script is almost mediocre. And the protagonist, Antonio Banderas also looks too old to play the role to be honest, but kudos to him for actually performing most of the stunts which is always a good thing when it comes to editing because this is what you came to see right? an action film. Not some shaky cam with 5 different cuts just to shoot a single punch that has plagued action films for years. But now, I think is a trend that is fading away. This one delivers nice and slick action scenes. And realistically short as well. You will know what I mean. You want a pop corn late night action film? You know what to expect. its just a little bit better.

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