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Kat Graham as Dancer #3
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by richard-1787 5 / 10 / 10

A movie with a lot of problems

This movie has a lot of problems. Briefly, it's the story of a young professional woman, Zoe, with a husband, Jason, who would be every woman's - and some men's - wet dream. He has a perfect, muscled body, a smile that could melt an iceberg, and he even washes the dishes. They have sex 2 or 3 times a day. Not a week, a day. But it isn't enough for her. She wants more. But more of what? That's one of the problems with this movie. There is a lot of sex in it, though none of it shocking by modern movie standards. But for all the sex, we still have to guess at what Zoe wants. Is it yet more sex? Different sex? Kinkier sex? Is this a distant cousin to *Fifty Shades of Grey* that dares not speak of its desires? Zoe hooks up with an unsubtle but muscled white painter - who, in my eyes, has no talent - and has with him what looks like pretty much the same sort of sex she had been having with her husband. Then she hooks up with a messenger on a motorcycle. Their sex, though no doubt wonderful, looks pretty much the same as what she is having with the other two men, though it usually takes place on a table. In between all this, Zoe ignores her children and lets her work go down the drain. She is, we are to believe, a sex addict. That's the first problem. Zoe comes across as insatiable, but not really addicted. She only has men who are so astoundingly handsome/sexy that they would tempt all but the most virtuous. Yet if this movie had been called *Insatiable*, she would have come across as a harlot rather than a sick individual to be pitied, and would have lost the sympathies of the intended audience of well-meaning 20-40 something women. If she were actually addicted to sex, she would have had sex with anyone, and that is not the case. She is only attracted to the hottest men. The second problem is that her poor husband, Jason, evidently detects nothing once Zoe is unfaithful to him - daily. When he does finally learn he's unhappy, of course, but we know so little about him, he's so poorly developed, that we still can't sympathize with him, though he is the potentially most sympathetic character in the movie. These actors could probably all have done a lot better if they had been given a script that had developed characters and not just cardboard cut-outs. As it is, we get to watch a lot of evidently passionate sex performed by beautiful bodies, and then at the end have to listen to a few lectures on sexual addiction, which don't come across as very convincing. Zoe's particular case is never explored, so it's hard to believe in it or feel for her. Zoe's sexual problems with Jason needed to be made clearer. How was he failing her? Jason needs to have been given a character; it's not enough for him just to look great. The script just doesn't make any of the characters interesting and sympathetic, and that's fatal here.

Reviewed by belydinh 1 / 10 / 10

Boring, dry, not a thriller,

I would not recommend this movie to anyone unless you are interested in adult films or Porn, The story line was predictable, cliché and BORING. The movie has no excitement, the plot was simple, and not a thriller by far, the only good thing about this movie was how "Good- looking" the actors were. Many of the sex scenes were not needed...the main character is obviously sick.. the movie magnify how the main character is struggling with her addiction.. by showing her abuse the addiction over and over and over... The plot do not move beyond the point. Its like watching an obese person suffer from over eating... we have established that point..can we move on now... but the movie continue to revolve around the obsession of the addiction... which in returns bore the viewers because they are watching the same actions happen repeatedly... over and over and over again.. its like watching a 3 minute video clip over and over and over again... The plot do not expand to any dimension.. it is as flat and dry as bread... with NO BUTTER

Reviewed by jeepmjw-955-821483 1 / 10 / 10


Wow where to begin..everything about this movie is horrible, I suffered for 40 minutes through this drivel in the hopes the lead actress (Sharon Leal) would do some of her old 'Boston Public' magic and make the film worth watching, however all she did was drag an already drowning film under. From the outset the film looks feels and sounds like a daytime soap opera, the acting is so bad I felt embarrassed for the actors. I Don't know if the producers of this crap live in the real world, but in my version psychologists do not have sessions that run all day and into the wee hours of the night....what the hell?, and since when do supposed 'successful artists' drive beat up old 68 Chev's with the paint literally peeling off?....Believe me there is NOTHING in this movie worth taking seriously. What a shame Sharon Leal couldn't find something to actually bring her back into the light, instead of having the lights turned off and the door slammed shut. Terrible, just terrible.

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