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Gil Bellows as Professor Jeff Mueller
Kathleen Quinlan as Kate Dawson
Lauren Sweetser as Ashley Ross
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ops-52535 8 / 10 / 10

important topics to shade light on

Because it not entirely an american issue, when talking about use and abuse of class 1 and class 2 prescripted medicine, its the same part of the game here in norway, but at another scale though, and the rest of the world strives like h..l to counteract these issues. back to the film, it points at two issues, abuse and expectations on youth, it has a permissive side, and it has a lawbreaking aspect. the actors a doing their best on a tv-movie budget and falls through due to bad and incoherent script and direction. there are loads of surprises, which we welcome in a plot, but they swim very fast around them, and never scubadives into the real issues. but i dare to give this socio-humanethic drama an 8 , it has some harshness of real life to it, all except from poverty, this is a film on behalf of the upperclasses. a recommend from the grumpy old man

Reviewed by steeleronaldr / 10

Could have been better if

If this movie was better casted could have been a sequel to 1980's "Ordinary People" cause it's basically what the movie is. Ordinary people thrown in life's unpleasant curve's and struggling to move on after a death. However the two leads in this movie (Luke Guldan and Lauren Sweester) just don't show the chemistry. Kathleen Quinlan who I admit ain't a big fan of plays a cold mother who pushed not only herself but her son for her own needs. Luke Guldan who plays Drew Dawson a law student who is addicted to Adderall for ADD/ADHD falls deeper on the dependency of the drug as his life gets more demanding who also gives pills to a few other classmates to help them out. The only stand out is character actor Gil Bellows who plays Professor Jeff Mueller, who was forced to fail Drew after he forgot to sight some of his work and is accused of plagiarism. Drew who meets the professor after a class shows no interest in him but slowly earns his friendship and trust. Slowly this movie build's to a climax but the key word is slowly. As I mentioned before the two lead actor's just didn't have the stigma to deliver that more established actor's could have. Kathleen Quinlan does get her time to shine but her character is mainly background. It's a good movie that could have been better, it's subject matter seems to domineer the story. College kid's who turn to drugs to help sharpen their minds, athletic abilities and overall performance. Sadly the movie spends too much time showing us what we the viewer already know but feels we need to know more. In all you won't be disappointed by this movie as it gets it's point across, the end will surely shock you if like me don't see it coming. I myself was satisfied with this movie and may just add it to my collection should I come across it in a store.

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