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Konstantin Khabenskiy as Pavel Belyaev
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Tatiana_G 10 / 10 / 10

Modern Russian historic movie

When I was about to watch this film I did not bother to read the critical articles in the papers or in the Internet. Initially I looked upon the film as just an entertainment, but the impression turned to be much deeper. What puzzles me is the reaction towards the film in the Russian media. After I left the cinema I was most convinced that "Admiral" is worth almost unanimous public acclaim for this film is an attempt to investigate probably the most complicated and still painful period in the history of Russia. And show this period through the destiny of Admiral Kolchak. According to the Khabensky’s words he was to show not a dictator, but a man in love who has also duties before his country but cannot deny his feelings. That is why "Admiral" though being a historic movie is actually neither about war, nor politics. It is a great and beautiful love story. After "Admiral" I was curious to learn more about the Civil War and the figure of Kolchak. Of course it is studied at school, but in fact what is written in the school textbooks is a total mess of facts and dates. But now the reading is more interesting as I can imagine this distant historic statesmen and thus I get a clearer picture of the Civil War in Siberia. Admiral Kolchak’s life was full of everything one can wish to himself: he discovered new lands in the Arctic Ocean and named them, he knew what it is like to win great battles, he was loved by faithful and brave women, he led enormous armies and gave aspiration to so many people. He was the symbol of honorable struggle. I would say that even dry historic books about Kolchak are as exciting as novels. So his screened biography is also breathtaking. "Admiral" is probably the best modern Russian film.

Reviewed by adelinaforever 10 / 10 / 10

For love is strong as death...

But if I am still alive Counter to destiny That's only as your love And memory of you Ana Timireva "Your smile that I will never forget, your voice, your hands are the symbol of the highest award for me which can give me life for performance of the greatest aim, military idea, debt and the obligations sent by the severe and unshakable nature of war…" These words full of love, emotions and fear to lose his beloved woman were written by Admiral Kolchak to Anna Timireva. She was a married woman with a son, he had wife and son too. Anna was younger than Admiral in 19 years but love does not have borders and they both understood it. He wasn't the handsomest of men and besides he was a soldier and patriot dedicated to the army and to the country. But she was the real princess: young, clever and gorgeous. They seemed to be just ordinary people but their amazing love story and tragic destiny made them legends. "Admiral" is that type of movies that you watch on one breath and when it ends you don't need to speak with your friends and share your thoughts about the film. It is something extraordinary that you keep deep inside your heart. You are nearly crying as if it was your own life and your sufferings. This is the power of that movie. First of all, you will be impressed with the actors' transformation. Konstantyn Habensky as Admiral Kolchak is exactly the man from that epoch. Fearless, brave and strong person with so many contradictions that finally led him to his death. Habensky has previously worked with Elizaveta Boyarskaya in "Irony of Fate 2" but in this picture they are more natural and real as a duet. Historical dramas are for sure one of the most hardest genre. The duty of actors is to make audience believe that you are that Man or that Woman from specific century and era. In "Admiral" Elizaaveta Boyarskaya did a fantastic job. She did a hundred times better than she did in "Irony of Fate" Maybe it's because "Irony" was just a sequel of the famous Soviet film. But Anna in "Admiral" is definitely her role that she played with fidelity and grace. I also want to say few words about the music. The original score is fantastic. And the title song "Anna" which was a poem written by Anna Timireva and dedicated to Kolchak sounds so touching. Just listen to it and you will understand how strong this woman were. Singer Victoria Dayneko performed it perfectly and her voice is amazing. Admiral was killed in February 7, 1920. Anna Timireva spent most of her life in prisons and camps. She died in 1975. As she said she had been with Admiral only for two years. But she never stopped loving him even after his death.

Reviewed by tatianadick 10 / 10 / 10

Terrific movie

It is a very extraordinary and powerful film. I was crying several times during the movie like it was me who was suffering. I was deeply touched inside of my heart after I watched this movie. I highly recommend this movie to everyone!!! Too bad there are not many movies like this one. Our kids are growing watching junkie movies and the we are wondering what is going on with younger generation... This movie will make you think about your duty, priorities, life, faith, and too many other important things we never think about in our lives on the daily basis. This movie is about sacrifice for your country (to the highest possible level), military honor (to the very last blood drop), patriotism, intellect, intelligence, love, faith… It is simply an amazing movie that makes you think, tear, laugh...

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