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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by breckswordz 9 / 10 / 10

Inspiring Film!

As an American, I'm not intimately familiar with Dutch history. And that's a shame, because our concept of individual freedom is a direct descendant of the Republic's. I had heard of De Ruyter, but this film really opened my eyes. I know it's not strictly historically accurate (no film ever is), but it inspired me to read more on Dutch history, and more about this brilliant tactician in particular. On a different tack, I appreciated this film's superior accuracy in depicting war in the Age of Sail. I've seen too many Hollywood movies with mysterious "exploding solid iron cannonballs." "Admiral" accurately shows that the greatest danger to life & limb came from the huge oak splinters that flew in every direction when a cannonball crashed through a wooden wall. If you enjoy historical films, and nautical adventure in particular, see this one!

Reviewed by gnix1979 8 / 10 / 10

Shocking piece of history

There is very little to fault in this movie, I love foreign subtitled movies and this is now in my top 5. This is an abridged version of the Anglo/Dutch wars in the 1700s, a period I know little about. It shows the obvious bully tactics of the Royal Navy being superior, but it shows that means nothing with a good commander in charge. It also shows the political ramblings that went on behind the scenes, and although the movie tries its best to not go on an all gore quest, when it needs to the film is shocking. Specifically the assassinations of the Witt brothers, the scenes are extremely gruesome and it horrifies even more that this happened in real life. A majority of the movie in in Dutch, but the few British scenes are in English, simply to set the tone of the movie. The acting was flawless especially Frank Lammers who plays the title role. I would highly recommend this movie to anyone. The only reason it looses one star is because at times the flow of the film seemed a little uneven, but for the most part extremely entertaining and insightful.

Reviewed by jafarmohammad00 8 / 10 / 10

A real surprise. A film with a nice original story-line and style.

One of the best dutch movie after "Black Book". Acting was pretty good. Specially Frank Lammers as Michiel de Ruyter. He is mind-blowing. Michiel de Ruyter, has definitely won a place in my heart. But I feel like something was missing.The movie has a great soundtrack, and beautiful costumes, while using a lot of real locations (which have been made to look period-accurate with a little help of some CGI). There was some loopholes but the other thing was too good to overlook those. At over two hours long, this is quite an in depth film but one you can easily get drawn into and thoroughly enjoy with its well- paced, action-packed scenes, regardless if you're into historical dramas or not. The stunning cinematography, high quality production, engaging script and spectacular performances in ADMIRAL truly make this film a biopic that would do Michiel de Ruyter proud. I highly recommend this movie. Happy watching.

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