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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Fiahm 8 / 10 / 10

A Goddess Off Her Meds

12-year old Paul falls in love for the first time, unfortunately with a violent, abusive and dangerously insane patient from his nurse mother's psychiatric ward. They run off together and tragic events ensue. This came out of nowhere for me - I'd never heard of it before today and there seems very little written about it online. It's a very tightly made character piece, small in scale but beautifully shot and observed. The two teen leads are faultless and utterly believable at every turn, and we feel both great tenderness and sorrow for Paul's big, bewildered and tragically open heart doing everything he can to follow the logic of Fantine Harduin's chillingly mad (as in "Kill the chicken it is a spy for my uncle" mad) Gloria. It's a film about trying to save someone who can't be saved, and trying to believe in someone who can't possibly be believed, and the harm to all around that inevitably follows when a well-meaning boy refuses to recognize the monster beside him who he only wants to worship. It can appear a very small story but Adoration tells it very well and much is communicated about the heavy cost of rose-tinted spectacles. If it has a weakness, I guess maybe it ends a little anticlimacticly, but I also quite like just floating off and leaving them in this way, thinking about Hinkel's soul and the birds. It's enough. As a doomed young Romeo and Juliet story, it's not in the same class as, say, Let The Right One In, Badlands, Bonnie & Clyde or Harold & Maude, but it put me in mind of all of them a little, and it does occasionally feel like "they don't make 'em like this anymore" 7.5 P.S., the repeating post credits scene - if it is not just a glitch on my copy - seems a puzzling waste of time.

Reviewed by derek-duerden / 10

Not Sure About This One...

I've not seen any of the director's any other films - but was intrigued by the synopsis and Kermode's introduction on BFI Player (which is where I watched it). However, I'm now really not sure I would recommend it. On the positive side, it's nicely shot and starts very well, setting up some interesting characters, including the two central (boy and girl) roles. There's also some sotto-voce mystery elements - such as: is she really disturbed or just "put away" for family convenience?; what's the real nature of the relationship between him and his mother?; are some of the scenes in the woods real or imagined? etc. However, frustratingly for me, rather than address these questions, this instead turns in the direction of a "young Badlands" with an increasing level of implausibility - and sometimes the level of acting doesn't really counter this enough to hold the mood (e.g. her reaction to the hen). There is also no apparent consequence to their trail of destruction - which made me think that there must be some allegorical dimension that I was missing... and then it ended. Twice. So - if you are a fan of films that *don't* tie up all the loose ends and are happy to just go along for the ride - then you may enjoy this, or you may not. I'm not sure I did.

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