After Midnight


Drama / Horror / Sci-Fi

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Brea Grant as Frannie
Henry Zebrowski as Narrator
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by info-33728-30040 1 / 10 / 10


I ordered fries with a side of gravy for take out. The gravy was cold. That's what this film is like, disappointing and pointless.

Reviewed by dyingxmidwestern-1 3 / 10 / 10


I guess rotten tomatoes scores are now just bought and sold, as this thing is sitting right around 100%. this film is nearly unwatchable in every regard. the acting is awful, the dialogue is laughable, the characters basically insufferable. then there's the "creature". wow. one of the dumbest films i've ever seen and i'm not sure how it's gotten distribution or release. there's "low budget" or "indie" and there is amateur garbage like this. nonsensical plot, inexplicable character choices: (head over heels girl in love disappears one day to the exotic wilds of *miami* in search of wine and sushi?) anger inducing waste of time, avoid at all costs.

Reviewed by umimelectric 3 / 10 / 10

Dreadfully Boring-I guess the other reviews so far are from the crew

If you like horror films, or creature features, you should definitely PASS on this film. If you like indie dramas about an annoying couple painting a house together while getting into tickle fights, before seemingly unexplained problems in their relationship cause a rift that makes up 95% of the story then you need to grab your significant other and buckle up for 90 minutes of you giving each other quirky glances whenever something onscreen resonates with something in your own annoying relationship. The story is boring, the setting is dull, the dialogue at times reads like a small-time theater production and less like a movie, and most importantly the monster is on screen like one and a half times if you count a short glimpse of it halfway through, and when you finally get a good look at it, it's a freaking joke. I don't know if that was some deliberate attempt at being offbeat but the monster design just comes off as cheap more than anything else. I still don't fully understand why his girlfriend left him to begin with? Because she didn't like living in the country and wanted to go eat food from street vendors? I'm not joking...paraphrasing her character here but she left her boyfriend who she seemed so in love with in flashbacks because she suddenly decided she didn't like living in a small town and she wanted to drink funky wines and eat sushi and food from street vendors! I wish I was joking... That's some college girl stuff, man...can't really sympathize with her. Just goes to show you, being a good and loving partner is just boring for these women anymore. 3/10 because I'm feeling generous.

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