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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by sotopete 10 / 10 / 10

Extremely well done

From the interviews to the images of the tsunami, this movie truly nailed it. They interviewed the victims, the forensic specialists but also the Thai officials so you get the point of view of everyone involved. It is not only about the forensic investigation, but it also describes the aftermath in great detail and how the survivors had to cope with their loss. I though that it will be depressing to watch, but not, it shows the best of humanity, these people who worked restlessly to help. It is a good watch for anyone who want to remember this tsunami or who want to have a different angle to this tragedy. The documentary is very interesting to see, you get hooked from the start to the end by the emotion.

Reviewed by maidwell-45616 / 10

Respect and dignity

This is an extremely respectful documentary about the aftermath of the boxing day tsunami in Thailand. It shows footage of the disaster as it happened and the aftermath including bodies strewn on beaches but It doesn't linger on these images and at times blurs details. It has haunting interviews with survivors and family of people who died, but at no time is the drama sensationalised. The narrative is mainly focussed on the brave and selfless people tasked with the truly overwhelming job of identifying the thousands of bodies so loved ones can have closure. It discusses the methods used, the effect it has on their mental health and the obstacles in their path. The fact that so many bodies WERE identified is a credit to these people and the documentary is a tribute to their effort and sacrifice. It's a thoroughly interesting watch from start to finish, don't expect happy endings though, this isn't Hollywood.

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