Air Force One


Action / Drama / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 79%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 66%
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Gary Oldman as Charlie Strom
Glenn Close as Camille Dixon
Harrison Ford as Tommy
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Xophianic 9 / 10 / 10

Pure action

Why can't our president kick this much ***? Air Force One seemed like a pure action movie to me. And I loved it. Some parts could have been a little more believeable, but it was still very fun and entertaining. The acting in this movie was good. Harrison Ford, as always, did an excellent job as the star of this movie. Gary Oldman, the greatest movie bad guy of all time, did not disappoint. It was cool to see Glenn Close as the vice president, keeping the blood-sucking politicians at bay. Another great performance, although not given enough credit, is from William H. Macy, who is one of my favorite of the lesser known actors. The storyline is fair, but nothing special or too original. The only difference is in this case, the president is not a hostage but the man fighting the terrorists. Terrorists manage to hijack Air Force One and kidnap many important people, the presidents kids, some politicans, some secret service guys and a bunch of extras they threw in to fill up the plane. They thought the president had escaped, but the truth was he stayed behind to fight the terrorists, retake the plane and save his family. This movie is a great action flick which I enjoyed a lot. It's not meant to be ground-breaking or anything like that, it's just meant to be enjoyed. So go out and enjoy it!

Reviewed by meghnasri-97601 7 / 10 / 10

A nonstop thriller ride

Harrison Ford explodes onto the scence as the president of the USA with a great cast,thrilling plot and great music. The movie has Gary oldman as the leader of the terrorist who wants his leader released and Glenn close plays as the vice President of the United States who fights the demands by the terrorist. The movie has great action and the dialogues are good. The movie has some flaws but still it is enjoyable. Harrison Ford is a great and believable president and this one of his best action movies. The movie is a masterpiece and it is one of the best action flicks of the 1990s. This one of 1997 best action movies

Reviewed by Paul Kydd 7 / 10 / 10

Air Force One ***½ (7/10)

Available on Blu-ray Disc (Region B) USA 1997 English/Russian (Colour); Action/Thriller/Drama (Beacon/Columbia/Radiant); 125 minutes (15 certificate) Crew includes: Wolfgang Petersen (Director); Andrew W. Marlowe (Screenwriter); Wolfgang Petersen, Gail Katz, Armyan Bernstein, Jon Shestack (Producers); Thomas A. Bliss, Marc Abraham, David Lester (Executive Producers); Michael Ballhaus (Cinematographer); William Sandell (Production Designer); Richard Francis-Bruce (Editor); Jerry Goldsmith (Composer) Cast includes: Harrison Ford (President James Marshall), Gary Oldman (Egor Korshunov), Glenn Close (Vice President Kathryn Bennett), Wendy Crewson (Grace Marshall), Liesel Matthews (Alice Marshall), Paul Guilfoyle (Chief of Staff Lloyd Shepherd), Xander Berkeley (Agent Gibbs), William H. Macy (Major Caldwell), Dean Stockwell (Defense Secretary Walter Dean), Tom Everett (National Security Advisor Jack Doherty), Jürgen Prochnow (General Ivan Radek), Donna Bullock (Press Secretary Melanie Mitchell), Elya Baskin (Andrei Kolchak), David Vadim (Igor Nevsky), Spencer Garrett (White House Aide Thomas Lee), Bill Smitrovich (General Northwood), Philip Baker Hall (US Attorney General Andrew Ward) Academy Award nominations (2): Film Editing, Sound "Five miles up, the President of the United States is waging war on terrorism. Face to face." When Russian radicals hijack Air Force One, with the US President (Ford), the First Family (supportive wife, pretty daughter) and important members of his staff aboard, it is left to the president himself, a decorated war hero, to defeat the terrorists (led by a scarily fanatical Oldman), save his family (and other hostages), and prevent a just-apprehended nationalist leader from being released from captivity. Spectacular action and special effects are over the top even for this type of jingoistic nonsense, with, once again, a British character actor in a foreign accent playing the main villain (exceptionally well), and the USA coming up roses. If only it weren't quite so entertaining... Blu-ray Extras: Featurette, Trivia Track, Movie Showcase, Trailer. ** (4/10)

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