Airport 1975


Action / Drama / Thriller

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Jerry Stiller as Skipper
Karen Black as Sandra / Eleanor
Linda Blair as Janice Abbott
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by greene515 10 / 10 / 10

Somewhat Unintentionally Funny, But Still Enjoyable Sequel,

'Airport 1975' is an enjoyable follow-up to the vintage original, which see's a small aircraft collide with a 747,and leaves two pilots dead and one blinded,the amusing and often spoofed plot, has the gorgeous Karen Black, pilot the stricken craft via radio contact, Charlton Heston, plays Blacks love interest,Who comes to her aid. There is a fine cast of character actors involved in this guilty pleasure look out for Jerry Stiller,( father of Ben Stiller) Linda Blair,who was probably cast in desperate attempt to shake off her Exorcist image, her performance is sickly sweet you would swear she would start spinning her head! Comedy Legend,Sid Caesar, provides some laughs as a loud mouth bit part actor, Myrna Loy,is the alcoholic,whom Caesar tries to woo, popular singer Helen Reddy, is cast as a nun, who provides the films many unintentional moments which arguably inspired 'Airplane!s many laughs, Despite the film's slating's over the years, 'Airport 1975' is an enjoyable romp from the time-capsule that is the 70's,

Reviewed by Nazi_Fighter_David 9 / 10 / 10

Breathtaking shots of a Jumbo Jet, just yards above the peaks of the Rocky Mountains...

Stricken with a massive heart attack on his private light aircraft, Dana Andrews collides into the nose of an unsuspecting 747 jumbo jet, alternated, for bad weather, to land in Salt Lake City... Impact puts a gaping hole in the cockpit of the heavy jet... The co-pilot (Roy Thinnes) is sucked from his seat and goes flying into the wild blue space, the navigator (Erik Estrada) is killed by a falling instrument panel, the pilot (Efrem Zimbalist Jr.) is blinded, unable to speak clearly and with continuity, and he cannot fly the aircraft... Nancy (Karen Black), the flight attendant, scared but cool, has to maneuver the jumbo to safety... On the ground everyone has been alerted... Joe Patroni (George Kennedy) and Alan Murdock (Charlton Heston), decide to meet the jetliner, with 120 passengers, for a daring midair rescue... Among the passengers: a famous movie star Gloria Swanson; a lovely teen-ager awaiting kidney transplant (Linda Blair); the wife and son of the airport operations chief (Susan Clark and Brian Morrison); two nuns (Martha Scott and Helen Reddy); plus a needlepoint woman; an hostile man; a dowager with dog; a Rock star and two Rock singers... "Airport 1975" marks the 4th happy co-starring of Heston with Martha Scott... They were together on Broadway, and she played his mother in both "The Ten Commandments," and "Ben-Hur." For all the lovers of disaster films, this old-fashioned "Grand Hotel" of a movie does offer excitement, suspense and breathtaking shots of a Jet death-defying flight, just yards above the peaks of the Rocky Mountains...

Reviewed by superfloususer 9 / 10 / 10

Favourite Quote

Just caught this on TV. My favourite quote has to be : How much damage is there ? Oh not much, there's just a big hole where the pilots usually sit! Overall its a reasonable film (much better than its sequel where a 747 "drowns" but remains intact long enough for everyone to be rescued. Its a typical disaster movie, which is nowhere near the league of Poseiden or Inferno. Its an enjoyable pass of 2 hours, but its all by the numbers ie identify characters, disaster, failed rescues, successful rescue. It looks very dated now, but then again it is 30 years old. Oh and the hairstyles are fantastic!

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